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it’s been awhile

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. A long, long time. So much has happened in my life and my world over the past year plus since my previous post. Kids have gotten bigger. (They’re now 4 and almost … Continue reading

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The Jersey

Several years ago I worked for a company that sponsored a cycling team in the MS150. It was really pretty neat to be a part of that. Especially once I was diagnosed. Then it brought it home for everyone involved. … Continue reading

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It’s been kind of depressing around here in the weight loss department since my last big reveal. I’ve been up and down but pretty much stayed consistent in the 180’s since that awesome day. That being said, I’m still losing. … Continue reading

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On September 27, 2012 the scale read 239. Today, that scale, and the body that stood on that scale, was 50 pounds lighter. And that absolutely blows my mind. FIFTY POUNDS. I can remember thinking at some point, a long … Continue reading

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The Problem with Losing Weight

Like, a lot of weight, is that your clothes stop fitting. But it’s winter, and money is tight, so you just keep wearing the same old clothes that now look like you’re walking around in a tent. It’s not at … Continue reading

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