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The Jersey

Several years ago I worked for a company that sponsored a cycling team in the MS150. It was really pretty neat to be a part of that. Especially once I was diagnosed. Then it brought it home for everyone involved. … Continue reading

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So, I’ve had a few requests for recipes. Like, what is my favorite thing to make? And while there are several, mostly, I use cookbooks. And while I would be happy to reprint them for you here, I’m honestly too … Continue reading

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The Post Where I Explain Why (well, sort of.)

Six months ago my husband saw the doctor. It was a regular check-up. The doc schedules them every six months to manage his medications and what not. Six months ago, our doctor gave my husband quite a speech about his … Continue reading

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Random Photo Dump

So I have a rare moment where both kids are in their rooms. I think the baby is still awake in there singing to herself, but the biggun’ is out! HALLELUJAH! Do you hear the angels singing? So while this … Continue reading

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Wanna know what happened around here this weekend? This happened. That’s a ONE, y’all.  My new favorite number in the whole wide world.  HA! That’s 41 pounds since September 27. The week we did the fast. That’s roughly 77 pounds … Continue reading

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