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it’s been awhile

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. A long, long time. So much has happened in my life and my world over the past year plus since my previous post. Kids have gotten bigger. (They’re now 4 and almost … Continue reading

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Spring Break Fever!

This past week was Spring Break and I had two major goals: .       1. Potty train the boy. .       2. Go to the gym every day. But then, after coughing for a few days, Sunday night Eli starts shivering and … Continue reading

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Random Photo Dump

So I have a rare moment where both kids are in their rooms. I think the baby is still awake in there singing to herself, but the biggun’ is out! HALLELUJAH! Do you hear the angels singing? So while this … Continue reading

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Photo Friday

I have over 700 pictures and videos on my iPod Touch. Here’s a sampling from the last few weeks…  

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