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So, I’ve had a few requests for recipes. Like, what is my favorite thing to make? And while there are several, mostly, I use cookbooks. And while I would be happy to reprint them for you here, I’m honestly too … Continue reading

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Easter 2013 (And other stuff)

You know what just happened? My son looked across the street and said, “can I go over there to play?” His buddy Patrick just moved across the street. So I called up his momma and she said, “sure!” So I … Continue reading

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The Post Where I Explain Why (well, sort of.)

Six months ago my husband saw the doctor. It was a regular check-up. The doc schedules them every six months to manage his medications and what not. Six months ago, our doctor gave my husband quite a speech about his … Continue reading

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Random Photo Dump

So I have a rare moment where both kids are in their rooms. I think the baby is still awake in there singing to herself, but the biggun’ is out! HALLELUJAH! Do you hear the angels singing? So while this … Continue reading

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Naked. Exposed. And on my way.

This is what it said this morning. After breakfast. After my shower. With wet hair. And I’m ecstatic. “Why? That’s freaking fat,” you say. Ah, yes, grasshopper. You are correct. It is in fact, freaking fat. But you know what?  … Continue reading

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