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it’s been awhile

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. A long, long time. So much has happened in my life and my world over the past year plus since my previous post. Kids have gotten bigger. (They’re now 4 and almost … Continue reading

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Potty Training…or something?

Okay, so I thought about making this a Facebook status update. But then I thought it’s just too momentous, it really deserves a blog post. Because Aubin is doing something very strange, y’all. I think she’s potty training herself…Or something. … Continue reading

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Random Musings

Considering the fact that Thanksgiving is a couple of days away, you might think this is a post about all that I’m thankful for. But it’s not. Instead, this is a post of completely unrelated randomness. I could flood my … Continue reading

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Is Tim home?

Mom calls me this afternoon and she’s pretty shaken up. She starts to tell me this crazy story that I’m gonna share with you. She’s not been feeling well since last week, so she slept in today and just kinda … Continue reading

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Random Photo Dump

So I have a rare moment where both kids are in their rooms. I think the baby is still awake in there singing to herself, but the biggun’ is out! HALLELUJAH! Do you hear the angels singing? So while this … Continue reading

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