Baby Girl

So I’m more than a month behind, but this girl…


turned 2 in January!!!


Seriously, the cuteness is ridiculous.


You are growing so much, so fast! Here’s just some of what life is like with you lately:

– You are potty training, even though you’re so young and make lots and lots of messes. Honestly, if you weren’t so stubborn about it, I’d put you back in diapers, but you insist on panties. Hopefully you figure it out soon.

– You seemed to have stretched out recently. You’re suddenly taller. I keep having to switch out your clothes for bigger ones. You are currently in a 2T to 3T.

– Even though you’ve been jabbering for a long time, you’re actually starting to enunciate much better.  You form sentences and complete thoughts into discernible words. Like last night at dinner when you dropped your broccoli, you said, “Uh oh, Spaghettios! I dropped it!” And your daddy and I were like, holy cow. Stop growing up!

– You are still a climber, and are really pretty good at it. It comes in handy when you climb onto the toilet. But is quite annoying when I catch you making a super wet mess on the bathroom sink, “washing your hands.”

– You like to ride your “bike” (tricycle) and have become really good at scooting around on the little plasma car a friend gave us for your brother.

– You love to eat tofu and lots of other fun stuff, like broccoli and red peppers and hummus and cucumbers. And “peanuts” and “peanut butter sandwich”.

– You’ve become a stinker at nap time lately. Sometimes you take them willingly and easily, and sometimes you’ve made up your mind that you’re just not gonna. Telling me,”No. I non’t wanna take a nap.” Those are long days, sister. For all of us.

– Bed time is typically around 7 p.m. Unless you skipped your nap, then it’s as early as I can make it. 🙂

– You sleep in a big girl bed that used to belong to a friend’s daughter. It’s low to the ground and is perfect for you. You haven’t fallen out once!

Here’s you helping take your crib out…


And here you are the first night in your new bed…


I dare say, you look like me when I was a little girl. This picture is seriously like looking at a mirror of my own 2 year old self.

– Speaking of bed, I do believe that every single stuffed animal and dolly in this house is in your bed with you at night. I honestly don’t know how you sleep with all that company.

– You looooovve your daddy. You have enjoyed having him home these past several weeks. I’m dreading what you’ll do when he starts back on shift.

– You looooovve playing with your Bubba. Even though the sibling rivalry is in full effect. You can be pretty mean to him, you know. When I let your fingernails get too long, you start scratching him for any number of reasons: like self defense, and plain and simply not getting your way. Your poor brother. But you’re quick to say you’re sorry and ask for a “tiss anna hug.”

– You’re personality is outgoing and fun loving and talkative and full of life at home and cautious and clingy and shy and sober in public. Like you’re observing and sizing up the world before you open up. Very opposite of your outgoing big brother, who never met a stranger.

Oh girl, you are such a little blessing. You just light up my life so much. I love you with all my heart and I’m so happy you’re my daughter. My little baby girl. I’m so glad God made me your momma.

I love you, sweet girl.


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