The Halloween Post

This year for Halloween, well, we kinda skipped the whole trick or treating thing. But it’s okay, because we had parties to go to the week before, so nobody missed a thing and most importantly, everyone got to bed on time which made mama happy. So without further ado, I give you…

Halloween 2013, Finney Style.

2013-10-25 17.31.47

Seriously. Is there a better couples costume for a family of vegans? I think not. Besides, we go together like peas and carrots. Har-har

And I must give credit to my amazing husband who sewed these bad boys with his own two hands. And his surging machine. Surger? Whatever it’s called, it sews. And he can use it. Like a BOSS.  See…

2013-10-24 21.52.04 2013-10-24 22.48.10

2013-10-24 22.48.19

I’m the BOSS of that there glue gun. On the floor. Mm, hm.

2013-10-24 22.48.42

The only picture I managed to get with the kiddos was at the second party we attended, the annual Halloween parade at the Danes. My peas was at work, so I went incognito and figured the kids could take the attention at this one. 😉

2013-10-27 18.13.18

That, my friends, is Dusty Crophopper (from the movie Planes), and the cutest little ladybug you ever did see.  Did you know that ladybugs love bananas? Well, now you do.

The Pumpkin Patch

The day before Halloween was beautiful so we headed on down to the pumpkin patch to get the requisite pictures with these cuties. Who of course, couldn’t care less about pictures. Or, you know, pumpkins. But whatever.

2013-10-29 17.39.40

Oh my word, y’all. Her expressions…

2013-10-29 17.41.21

…crack me up.

2013-10-29 17.42.37

Here’s a little pumpkin patch tip: when they’ve taken the time to set up a bench in front of the cute display, sit on the bench, not the hay. You might just sit on a metal stake and rip your pants. You’re welcome.

2013-10-29 17.45.55

Getting so big!

2013-10-29 17.45.35

Seriously, mom. I’m standing here. Why do you keep insisting I look at you?

2013-10-29 17.47.27

Someone found her happy place. La la la la la laaaaa….

2013-10-29 17.47.41

Again with the fidgeting and the pictures and the pumpkins. When will it end?

2013-10-29 17.49.19 2013-10-29 17.48.24

Aaannndd, that’s as good as it gets, folks. But it’s better than last year. So at least there’s that.

Happy Fall, Y’all!


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