The Jersey

Several years ago I worked for a company that sponsored a cycling team in the MS150. It was really pretty neat to be a part of that. Especially once I was diagnosed. Then it brought it home for everyone involved.

My job there involved some graphic design work. Now, I don’t even begin to pretend that I’m a designer. But I was able to put stuff together and get by good enough. So the MS150 team needed a new jersey design and asked me if I would do it. So of course, I was honored and obliged.

The team wanted jerseys for the riders and t-shirts for the volunteers. Once everything got all hashed out, clothing was ordered and off the team went to ride from Houston to Austin in a large scale cycling event primarily designed to raise funds for MS research and awareness for MS in general.

I got two t-shirts. One in a size 3x and one in a size 4x.

Because that’s how fat I was.


Fast forward a few years to now.

My husband started cycling a few months ago. Last week, I decided to try wearing one of his pair of cycling shorts to see if the padding would be helpful while riding my stationary bike here at home.

After I put them on (they were pretty loose, but still worked for my little “experiment”), I remembered that I had one of those cycling jerseys in my portfolio box out in the garage. I remember when I first got it thinking how tiny it was, so I wasn’t sure what size it was or if it would even fit.

But it did.

And here’s what happened. (Selfie alert)

2013-08-30 21.38.19

Turns out it was a Large. That’s a long, long way from 4x.

Can you believe that’s the same person as the picture above? It’s hard for me to believe. There’s probably about a 100-pound difference in those pictures.

Almost one year ago, I made the decision to change the way I eat and my family eats.  And to get in shape through exercise and increased activity.

Since September 27, 2012, I’ve lost a total of 70 pounds.

My husband has lost 90.

My BMI is no longer “obese”.

And my kids are healthy and thriving.

It hasn’t been easy.

But it’s totally worth it.


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