Planes, Pools, and Minions.

Because it’s been over a month since my last post, my brain is going to explode from all the stuff I want to write about. So in the last few silent moments of my daughter’s afternoon nap, I thought I’d start writing something. I just really hope it makes sense. 🙂

Summer is in full swing around here. We’ve been to the gym almost every day. And it’s been wonderful. The whole beach thing has happened twice, I think. But that’s okay. I’ve managed to get a pretty good tan so far just watching the kiddos play in the wading pool in the backyard while I re-read The Help. I love that book.

On July 4th, we had my whole family over and had a really great time. The adults even managed to play a card game while the cousins all played together. By themselves. Which was completely awesome. Eli and his cousin Cora are like two peas in a pod when they’re together. It’s so cute to watch them play.

But that day, we found out that Marcus’ grandma had an aneurism early in the morning. She was alive, but hanging on. On Wednesday, July 10th, she went to her mansion in heaven. I have some sweet memories of that lady from just the few times I met her. I’ll try to share those in another post. Because I think she deserves it.

Anyway, this led to a really quick trip to west Texas, where my husband grew up. We flew out late that Thursday, and by late, I mean our flight was scheduled at 8:40 p.m. Of course, we arrived early enough to make it through security with about an hour to spare only to arrive at our gate and discover the flight was delayed and was now scheduled to leave at 9:45.

And my mommy brain almost died. Because oh. my. gosh. these children. They were already up way, way, waaaay past their bedtime and what on earth were we going to do with these two crazies for two hours? Just waiting?!

So we did what any good parent would do. We found a distraction. And thankfully, Hobby airport is full of wonderful eateries so we went to Pappa’s Burgers. What on earth is a family of vegans going to eat in a burger joint known for its amazing burgers and to die for shakes and malts, you ask? I’ll tell you. We ordered chips and salsa and a side salad minus the cheese. I did splurge for ranch dressing, though. Just shut up about it.

That bought us some time. And some coffee. And we made our way to the gate where the kids played in the windows. Planes are so fun!


And where we climbed on the seats. It’s a really good thing she’s so dang cute.


So our flight went well. Eli and Daddy sat on a row together, and Aubin and I sat on the row in front of them. Eli loved the plane. He keeps telling everybody about it. The kids did great. Aubin fell asleep on my lap and even slept through the landing. And E just watched a movie on the iPod.

But the best part of the plane trip for me personally was this…


Not only did I NOT have to wear a seatbelt extender this time, I had room to spare. And it wasn’t nearly as difficult to hold her on my lap for the duration of both flights as it was when I held Eli a few years ago. We both had plenty of room.

That night, we didn’t get the kids to sleep until after midnight and let’s just say they were a little difficult to settle down, what with all the weeping and gnashing of teeth that being up five hours past bedtime will do to a kid. But they managed to get some sleep that night and even to take some naps over the course of the next few days, in between all the playing in the pool and with a whole new set of cousins.


This is what happens when you combine dry west Texas air with all the weeping and gnashing. You wake up with this hair.

Even though we were there for a funeral, it was really nice to see family again. But that’s usually how it goes with those things, isn’t it?

I’m happy to report that once we got back home, we got back into our routine pretty quickly. Of course, when we got home, we discovered that the fever Aubin suddenly developed Saturday during the funeral was from hand, foot and mouth disease that she’d been exposed to just before we left. So that poor girl (and the rest of us) were pretty much confined to the house for a week. So we didn’t have much choice but to ease back into life at home.

Of course, this also meant we couldn’t finish Eli’s swimming lessons last week, either. Oh well. He got the first week completed before we left. And he’s definitely not afraid of the water. Next week is Aubin’s turn. I’m looking forward to that.

Sometime the week before we left, we took Eli to his first big movie at the theater. He loves the movie Despicable Me, so we’ve been waiting anxiously for the sequel. He had so much fun, only went to the bathroom once, and finally got kinda restless towards the end. But he definitely liked the movie. It was a fun experience that both his dad and I got to share. We left Sissy girl home with a sitter.


So as you can see, it’s definitely been an eventful summer around here. And it’s not over yet. Good times are sure to be had in the next few weeks.

I am so thankful that I get the opportunity to stay home with these little ones at this time in their lives. It really is a dream come true.


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4 Responses to Planes, Pools, and Minions.

  1. januaryrowe says:

    Love the part about the seatbelt. Also love that you made it thru that flight pattern! Annnnd love it that you saved a post just for Maw Maw.
    (And btw, I don’t know your hubs but from seeing pictures of him on your Facebook and your blog – yeah, yeah, I stalked you a bit – he has really lost a lot of weight too! Almost looks like a completely different person! Did he get a lot of comments about it when y’all went to his home?)

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