Mam Maw


I wish I had known her better. That I had more to say. But I don’t.

What I do know, is that she was a great influence on my husband. He loved her so, so much and it killed him that she never met his daughter.

The first time I met Mam Maw, was when we went for my brother-in-law’s funeral. (Yeah, you read that right. He met her at the gates of Heaven. And that’s a comfort right there. Guess he was ready to see her again.) And even though she was older and moved a little slower than the rest of us, the one thing I remember was that she was kinda spunky. She had a great laugh. And a great sense of humor.

And anytime we posed for pictures, after everyone said “cheese” this woman yelled “Sex!” in her deep, almost guttural voice. Which caused huge smiles and laughter all around, which is sort of the point when taking pictures.

I remember on that trip, visiting her in her home. Marcus showed me a room where she had tons and tons of pictures on the walls. And I saw something I hadn’t seen for years.


A picture just like this hung in my house growing up, but was lost when our house burned down in 1991. To be honest, I hadn’t given this picture much thought until I saw it on her wall that day and I was instantly transported back to another time. I told her about it and the memories that it brought back, and we went on our merry way.

Later that week, to my absolute surprise, she gave it to me. And this was written on the back…


And that absolutely made my day.

It’s been hanging by my front door ever since. Next to my Grandma’s tin butterflies.

I remember on another trip, visiting with her at the dining room table. I mentioned that I had a headache and she got up, walked around the table and started massaging my neck. Then when she finished on my neck, she picked up my hand and starting applying pressure to various pressure points in effort to relieve my pain.

From what I understand, she was a woman who poured her life into others. She loved them, helped them, picked them up, directed and guided them to lead better lives. She could see a need and meet it instinctively and without hesitation. Like massaging my neck. Or giving me a picture that meant so much to me. And now that picture means so much more than it ever did before.

I think she left quite a legacy.

Mam Maw, I’m sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye. But I know that one day, we’ll see you again.

Until then, enjoy Jesus, and tell Morgan we’re doing all right.


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