Okay, y’all. I admit it. As the end of the school year neared, I was super nervous. Like, what on earth was I gonna do with these kids for the next three months? All day long.  Were we gonna make it without driving each other batty? Or without doling out consequence after consequence for misbehavior, disobedience, disrespect. Or oh, I don’t know, getting caught eating chocolate chips before breakfast (today) or maybe for eating the top layer of the last three pieces of cake (yesterday)?

I was stressed.

I had already had a plan to take them to the gym in the mornings. There is an awesome Kid Zone up there and they love going. So we’ve been there a bunch. Which has been great for me physically and mentally.  It’s the best of both worlds, really. They get to spend some energy running around and playing in the ball pit and sliding down the slide, and I get to sweat in the gym. I’ve also recently started lap swimming in the pool there. And I am in LOVE with it. OMG. I wish I had done it months ago. I wear a Speedo, a cap and goggles. Yes, I look all official. Like a real swimmer. Ha!


And then, my friend told me about beach bum Mondays. That was a plan she and another girl came up with to make this summer fun for the kids and for mommy to get a little tan in the process. And I admit, although it sounded fun, I was seriously trepidatious. My kids are so little. And they don’t know how to swim. So to say I was worried about my ability to watch them and keep them both alive, would be an understatement. But, knowing there would be lots of mommies there, I decided to try it and see how we did.


And guess what? We did great!!!


I guess I underestimated my kids. Aubin pretty much was afraid of the water, so she was content to stay on the sand with the adults. And I put this puddle jumper on Eli and he had a blast playing with friends. He kept saying, “that was so much fun, mommy!” We’ll definitely be going back again this summer.

In July, he will take swim lessons at the Rec Center (aka, the gym) and then Aubin will take lessons the last week of July and first week of August.

During the day, we’ve been watching movies. Playing games. Putting puzzles together.


Climbing into chairs and getting stuck. (She’s so proud of herself.)


And playing in the wading pool. Today was the first day she actually let me put her in there and stayed in there. I think she liked it.


That poor boy doesn’t tan very well. He burns. And burns. And burns. She, on the other hand, has the best baby tan I’ve ever seen. She has yet to get pink. She just gets brown. I’m so jealous! When I took that little swim diaper off today, she looked like the little Coppertone kid. Her little booty is all white, while the rest of her is brown. I even slathered them both in sunscreen. (He finally didn’t burn though. Thankfully.)

We’ve gone to the pool a couple of times, too. Which was super fun. I can leave Aubin in the Kid Zone and take Eli down to the leisure pool at the Rec. And then we went as a family to the outdoor pool one day last week.

We also went to our first Astros game as a family. We had such a good time. And even though it doesn’t look like it in this picture, the kids did, too. Eli kept saying on the way home that he liked “watching those baseballs.”



We realized while we were there, that it was like coming full circle for us, since that’s where we went on our first date.

So, I know there’s plenty of summer days left ahead of us, but so far we’ve managed to have a ton of fun, in spite of doling out consequences and mommy going batty a few times.  But mostly because I decided to lighten up a bit. I’m still cooking and doing laundry and disciplining, but I’m not nearly as worried about the state of the house. It’s clean enough.

And these two are pretty good little buddies. They love playing together. Often I’ll find her playing in his room at his table. Or they’ll play on the little slide in the living room. I love it.

So I guess I did all that worrying for nothing. Oh sure, there have been consequences for poor choices, but all told, we’ve had some pretty good days. I’m looking forward to what the rest of summer brings!

Happy summer, y’all.  And have fun!


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