It’s been kind of depressing around here in the weight loss department since my last big reveal. I’ve been up and down but pretty much stayed consistent in the 180’s since that awesome day.

That being said, I’m still losing. Just not as fast as I was. Which is what’s depressing. But it’s still progress, so I’ll take it. And I’m still exercising which is also good.

I noticed the other day that my jeans are starting to loosen up. And then I went shopping for a bra. I went to Lane Bryant because that’s just where I’ve always gone for bras (except when I was nursing.) Anyway, the coolest thing happened.

I was having difficulty because I wasn’t really sure what size I would need. So they measured me and wouldn’t you know it, I now need a size that they don’t even carry.

On the one hand I was floored with glee and excitement. And on the other, I’m like, well crap, now where do I shop? Anyway, we were able to find some bras that fit by adjusting the cup size to compensate for the little bit larger band size. And I love them. They’ll work great for now.

And then, yesterday, I went shopping for a top to wear to an event I have this weekend. I went to Maurice’s. This is one of those stores that carries sizes in 0 to 24 with the plus sizes all on one side and the regular sizes on the other. It was soooooo hard not to automatically walk over to the plus sizes, but I forced myself to at least try to find something in the regular section of the store.

So I picked out several tops I liked in a size XL. And when the clerk came to check on me in the dressing room, she was like, “those are cute, but they’re too big. Let me see if we have them in a smaller size.” So the really sweet clerk went and found them for me and I purchased a new shirt, in a size L.

Again, I’m floored.

So yeah. The scale may have decided to quit moving as quickly but that’s okay with me. Because obviously, I’m still doing something right. Or maybe my body is just playing catch up.

Either way, I’ll totally take it.


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6 Responses to Shrinking

  1. Myra McCollum says:

    LOVE IT – hooray for you, Jen!!

  2. Kim says:

    Just remember…the scale is just a number. Especially if you are working out. Remember that muscle weights more than fat but takes up less room. Very proud of your progress, keep it up!

    • finneyfer says:

      Thanks, Kim!!! It’s just so crazy to experience the transformation. My brain has a harder time adjusting than my actual body. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. jhintze says:

    YAY!!! That’s so awesome! You are definitely shrinking! Every time I see you, I can tell a difference.

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