Told you last week was crazy…(The graduation post)


May 11, 2013

Saturday, my husband walked across the stage a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Brazosport College with his AAS in Emergency Medical Services.  (Ironically, I also graduated on May 11, but in 2001. But this post is not about me.)

Here are some things I want to remember about that day:

  • I was so proud to watch him march in to Pomp and Circumstance. (That song makes everybody cry, right?)
  • The look on his face as he entered the auditorium. You could see his eyes beaming with pride as he surveyed the crowd and the room. Taking it all in.
  • He shook his son’s hand as he passed us during the processional.
  • My son yelling, “there’s my daddy!” over and over again.
  • Watching him walk across the stage after his name was called and him moving his tassel over.
  • Walking with Aubin in the back of the auditorium during the speeches. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back. And. Forth.
  • Sitting with my parents and his parents. And our children. Who jumped and walked and moved and climbed from lap to lap to lap and back again. The entire time.
  • The moment at the end of the ceremony when I realized that it was actually my iPod playing music the whole time. (I brought it for Eli to play a game and he must have turned it on. I kept thinking somebody needs to turn the music down. Until I heard Shane and Shane. Oops.)
  • The overwhelming sense of joy and pride I felt as a wife whose husband had completed something he’d worked so hard for, for such a long time.

My dear, sweet Marcus, as I reflect upon your accomplishment, let me tell you why I’m so proud. And the memories I’ll cherish:

  • All the nights you missed supper after mowing 10 or 12 yards knowing you wouldn’t be home until the news started, and rushing off to class without a shower. (Your poor classmates.)
  • The nights you couldn’t tuck your kids in bed.
  • Emailing your A&P instructor that you might miss the first day of class, since your daughter is due to be born that week.
  • Finishing microbiology and getting it confused with A&P. All with a newborn in the house and Downton Abbey on Netflix marathon play.
  • The fun we had learning to appreciate music together.
  • The forced date nights we had during that same class. So you could get credit for going to a couple of concerts. (Let’s do that one again!)
  • The lectures I got on the lymphatic system, and any number of other systems or organs or cells, for that matter. Zero of which I remember in any detail whatsoever.
  • The joy you got from teaching your lab partners (and your professor) all about the heart and how it works and why. And how to treat it in which situation.

I’m so proud of how hard you worked. Getting a B was not good enough. Your work ethic. Your leadership ability. Your tireless effort. These did not go unnoticed.  But mostly, I’m just so glad to have you home again.

I’m so proud of you, my love.

So, so, immensely proud.


I love you. xoxo



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4 Responses to Told you last week was crazy…(The graduation post)

  1. lindseymichelle says:

    I love this so much for so many reasons! 🙂

  2. Nana Hiatt says:

    So proud of Marcus and all he accomplished and to you for holding down the fort while he did so.

  3. Congrats to your hubby! That’s a great accomplishment!! Celeste:)

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