1 + 2 = 3!!!!!

The last week was such a whirlwind of crazy, I didn’t even get around to posting that this handsome boy…

Eli is 3_P1070429

turned THREE!!!!!

Wow! Time is sure going by fast. It seems like just yesterday I was kissing and snuggling his tiny little fingers and toes. And now, well, now, they’re pretty dirty. And not tiny anymore.

Dirty and big.

And three!

We had a busy week with two different birthday parties at school. Since he has two different teachers. (There is a perfectly good, kinda complicated reason that he has two teachers and is in two different classes at preschool. So we’ll just leave it with the fact that he loves school and all his friends. And both of his teachers.)

We spent his actual birthday in Mrs. Patterson’s class.


Then the next day with Mrs. Williams’ class.


Daddy even met us up there one day!


After lunch on his birthday, we went in for his 3-year check-up and wouldn’t you know it, he’s a genius. When she asked him if he could say his ABC’s, he of course clammed up and refused to perform. But, mommy took a book off the desk (the Good Book, to be exact) and pointed to the letters which he diligently read aloud.


Yay! And Wow! Was the response from the PA. Turns out, letter recognition is something they check in four year olds. So yeah, mommy heard, “He’s a genius!” Ha ha!

And of course, he can hold a conversation like nobody’s business. Last night, for example, as he was up yet again for another bedtime stall tactic he sat on the toilet. To “poop”. But of course, the longer he sat, the more he talked. And didn’t poop. So when I asked him if he was poopin’, he responded, “no, I’m just hanging out.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

And then I thought, we are now moving into that phase of funny stuff kids say. Like that his fingers smell like boogers. (Something he told me in the school drop-off line the other day.) This ought to be fun.

I love you, my big, favorite three year old!!!!



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3 Responses to 1 + 2 = 3!!!!!

  1. januaryrowe says:

    Totally thought this was gonna be a post about a third child! Haha!
    And that is great about his letters. Mine is five going on six and still doesn’t know all of his! (But I’m a slacker, ironically enough… former English teacher that I am!)

    • finneyfer says:

      Oh my word! I never thought about a third child with that title. Ha ha! And no, that factory is officially closed. So unless we decide to adopt, there will be no third Mini Finney.

      And I can’t take credit for the letters, I give all that to Super Why. Ha! (And my genius son, of course.)

    • finneyfer says:

      HA! Right after you sent this comment, I got a text from a friend saying the exact same thing.

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