Happy Opposite Day!

Did you know, dear reader, that today was Opposite Day?

Yeah, me neither.

But if you’re an almost three-year-old who is in on this little tidbit, apparently, Opposite Day is fun. Fun. FUN!

For example, when mommy tells you it’s your friend’s birthday today, you insist that it is not. And refuse to sing Happy Birthday.

And then when it’s time for a nap, you downright refuse. Such a joy.

Or, when you tell me “mommy, Sister’s pulling all the books down!” like a good little tattle tale, and I ask you to help put them back up, you make an even bigger mess.


And then when I let you off the hook with the books (read: I wanted to put them back properly) and tell you to pick up your toys behind the couch instead, you say oh so politely, “okay!” and proceed to do this:


Turning over every single stinking toy bin back there.


And on Opposite Day, you might have gone to bed early. Because you can pick up this mess tomorrow. If you even still have toys tomorrow.

And trust me, son, tomorrow will NOT be Opposite Day.



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