Random Photo Dump

So I have a rare moment where both kids are in their rooms. I think the baby is still awake in there singing to herself, but the biggun’ is out!

HALLELUJAH! Do you hear the angels singing?

So while this rarity is occurring, I am taking a moment from my day to empty the dishwasher, clean the mess from lunch, fold and hang the laundry mess around on my blog and put up some completely random pics from my phone for you to enjoy. Okay? okay.








Somebody stole mama’s phone and took random pictures.



That’s a lot of water. But no clothes. Oops.









There…I fixed it. (Just keepin’ it classy, y’all.)



“It’s Santa!” said Eli every time we see that fire hydrant on our way out of the neighborhood. Every. Single. Time.



You don’t eat meat? Or dairy? So what do you eat then? And how do you get your protein? And do you get enough calcium?



And what on earth do you feed your kids? Do they get enough protein? Are they getting enough calcium?



Ahhh, that felt good. Now I can go get back to work.


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9 Responses to Random Photo Dump

  1. januaryrowe says:

    Love so many things about this… the washer. the toilet seat (classic). the food topics. All brilliant!
    Side note: if your man plays guitar, have him check out my husband’s invention ChordDice.com… guitar players geek out over it! (And it’s a great little gift!)

  2. januaryrowe says:

    Okay, so I’ve really been thinking about you mentioning the no-cheese aspect of your eating… and I’m wondering if you have suggestions for recipes that “call” for cheese… like, how do you replace it (or do you even try)? For example, in this recipe is there any salvation for it if I decided to try to make it cheese-less?

    • januaryrowe says:

      Annnnnnd if you wanted to do a blog post dedicated to no-cheesing it, then that would be fine with me too. 😉
      (Unless you already have done one like that… haha, then just link it for me! haha!)

      • finneyfer says:

        You’ve asked me this question before. And honestly, it’s hard to replace cheese. Nothing is as yummy as straight up real cheese. So I usually avoid making stuff that calls for cheese because I don’t really like the fake cheese sauces. There are tons of recipes using anything from nutritional yeast and yellow miso paste to red peppers and raw cashews. I’ve made a few things calling for no cheese sauce, but I typically avoid any kind of fake cheese, because it’s just not the same. We’ve only been vegan since October. In other words, my memory is still too good. 🙂

        Funny that you linked to that recipe. I actually had been wondering how I could make a vegan version of chicken spaghetti a while back and used this post as a guide, inspiration. I used beans (although I was out of black, had to use pinto) instead of chicken and no-chicken broth for the base and of course sauteed onions and peppers. So what about the cheese? Because let’s face it, chicken spaghetti is really all about the cheese, right?

        Like I said, there are all sorts of recipes for making your own “cheese” sauce (that’s primarily better because it’s not processed) but there is also a brand called Daiya that makes vegan cheese (i.e. it’s not got any whey or casein added, unlike Veggie Shreds that do. Why you would bother to add dairy protein to non-dairy cheese is beyond me, but whatever.) Anyways, we had a Daiya cheddar style wedge in the house and some shreds so I thought I could give it a go. I basically substituted the cheese with Daiya, made the sauce with that and almond milk and probably Tofutti sour cream or cream cheese, not sure which, to make it nice and creamy since cream of chicken was out, too. I use Ro-Tel in my chicken spaghetti so I used that and then mixed it all together with the spaghetti and threw it in the oven to bake. It wasn’t bad, but honestly, it wasn’t the same, either. But it satisfied a craving, so there’s that.

        Does that answer your question??? 🙂

  3. januaryrowe says:

    Haha – well I guess that just proves how flighty I am (as if it weren’t already evident enough)! But this was an excellent answer! Ro-Tel is a good idea! And the whole comment above just makes me think about how much dairy is involved in everything I cook. I mean, I add cheese to pretty much everything cause I’m a bit of a “creamy” addict (just now sorta verbalizing that one!) but honestly (no laughing… well, okay… laughing is okay…) I never even though of “cream of _______” as being DAIRY!?!?!?
    Anyway, you have inspired me to start “cutting the cheese” (har har) out of my diet bit by bit. I’m thinking “Cheeseless Chuesdays” as a start? Haha!

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