Ode to the Man


“Look ma! I got the Space Shuttle in my hands!”

M is for the man you are. The man who loves me completely. The man who literally saves people’s lives for a living. The man who loves his family with all his heart. And Jesus. The man who works and goes to school and runs his own business and eats vegetables even though he gets all kinds of grief for it from his coworkers. And honestly, I could keep going, but there’s five more letters.

A is for amusing. Because you make me laugh. Even when the jokes are stupid. Especially when the jokes are stupid.

R is for racing. Because, come on. If it weren’t for NASCAR, you wouldn’t be you. And I would not know the phrase, Boogety, Boogety, Boogety! Or that short track races are much more fun to watch that Super Speedways. Or discovered the thrill of the last ten laps of a restrictor plate race. Or know what a restrictor plate even is. Yeah, you did that to me.

C is for caring. Because you are so tenderhearted and genuinely care for others. It’s why you are good at what you do. At work. At home. And it’s why you’re such a great dad. And husband.

U is for underwear. Because I wash a lot of it. And if it weren’t for you, I’d still only be washing panties.

is for the smile you bring to my face when you give me that look. You know the one. And for the speakers. You know, because you make them go boom, boom.

So I love you for who you are. Every single day. Thanks for loving me back.


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