Dear Little One,

This time last year, you were wiggling around in my belly. Making me so uncomfortable I just wanted you out. When you were born, I thought you were the most beautiful baby girl I’d ever laid eyes on.

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photo credit: Jessie Ann Photography

You still are.

And now, you are almost a year old. I keep saying this year has flown by, and it’s true.  We took you to the doctor today because you developed a nasty cough that you caught from your Bubba, and you weigh 22 pounds! That’s a long way from 7 pounds, 11 ounces.

Sister, Sissy, Aubin, Aubbie, Precious, Beautiful girl,  Sunshine. Sweet girl. My baby love.

You have the most beautiful dark brown eyes. And this cute light brown hair that gets curly when it’s wet. And the back turns into a rat’s nest when you sleep. It’s fine and soft and you hate when I comb it. And I’m secretly worried this means you’ll hate brushing your hair as you grow and you’ll be one of those nappy headed little girls running around with a head full of sweatty string and knots. I’ll pray about that.

You are really starting to move, too. You crawl and cruise all over the place. Pulling yourself up on anything and everything. I am pretty sure you’ll be walking soon. And then you’ll be driving.

You put everything in your mouth. That pincer grasp is working overtime these days. But you’re pretty good about getting the choke out by sticking your hand in your mouth far enough to cause you to throw up. It’s gross, but it works. You’re very self reliant this way. It makes me proud.

And you llllllooooovvveee your Bubba. Oh my, do you love your Bubba.  He tackles you and rolls around with you and even though it’s really rough, you just laugh and laugh. He gets in your face and says, “Sisteerrrrrrr!!!” in this weird, gruff, funny voice and you laugh and laugh. You toss your cup off the highchair just to watch him pick it up and put it back on your tray over and over and over, and you laugh and laugh and LAUGH.

I’ll remind you how much you love him one day. When you hate him. When he won’t share the puzzle or the toys or the remote or the car. Or when he sticks up for you when some stupid boy breaks your heart and it embarrasses you at first. But then you’ll be glad he’s around. Because he’s your brother. And he llllllooooovvveees you, too.

You are super funny. You started dancing recently. You just jiggle and wiggle, like there’s always a song in your head. Like your momma. There’s always a song in my head, too. Always. It’s okay. It makes life fun. Except when it’s something stupid like Ice, Ice Baby. Then it’s just annoying. But I digress.

You say momma, dada, bubba and nenenenene while burying your head in my chest. I think that last one means you want to nurse. And one day recently, you busted out with “bye” and a wave. So funny.

You were really picky and not sure about the whole, eating real food thing when we started out 6 months ago. But you’ve gotten the hang of it and now you love you some pb&j. You’re a pro with your sippy cup, too. And I guess we get some yummy dog food for Romeo because when the gates are open to the kitchen, you make a bee-line for the kennel. Drives me nuts.

And you’re still nursing. Even though you have teeth. Five to be exact with another on the way. I keep thinking I’ll wean you soon, but really, what’s the rush? You’re my last baby. I’ll nurse you for a little longer. I’ll miss the cuddle time. I cherish it now. When you’re not climbing me.

Your sleep is still kinda sketchy. Most nights you still wake up for a snack after about 8-9 hours of sleep, so I’ve found that you’ll sleep through the night if I nurse you before I go to bed. But it’s not always true. In fact, just last week you nursed three times one night. What was up with that? Momma was tired the next day. You have got to get more consistent, little girl. Tonight, you’re sick, so I’m not holding my breath for a good night’s sleep.

I’m not quite sure what you’re doing with you’re naps these days. Some days you take one nap only. Some days you’ll take two or three. But most days you get two. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Usually around 9:30 or 10 and 1:30 or 2. So I just go with the flow and follow your lead.


You have brought so much joy to my life. Much more love than I thought possible. And your very presence has challenged me. To be a better mom. To be a better multi-tasker. And to come to terms with the fact that my house is always messy and there’s always laundry to be done.

But I wouldn’t trade any of that if it meant I didn’t have you.

You, my dear, are my love. My life.  I think I’ll keep you. Besides, I know I’ll get to sleep again one day.




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