Hello, November

Good grief. This year is flying by so fast. I feel like I am barely keeping up. I haven’t blogged in almost a month. Which, honestly, is pretty much par for the course. But whatever.

Since I last wrote:

My almost 10 month old daughter has not only started crawling, but pulling herself up. She also has been waking up again every single night to nurse and it’s driving me crazy. This after months of sleeping through the night. I like my sleep. And she keeps interrupting it. Ugh.

My 2 1/2 year old son has been pushing all the buttons I have. And finding ones I didn’t even know existed. And he’s decided that if daddy isn’t here, he’s not taking a nap. Period. So I’ve decided that nap time, as much as I cherish it, is not worth the battle. Besides, I’ve discovered that when he naps during the day, he has a much harder time going down for bedtime. But the days he skips his nap, he goes down without a fight. And that’s almost worth dealing with his little attitude for the afternoon.

I also may have put him in school 5 days a week. I just couldn’t take it, y’all. He’s so trying right now. I love the kid, but it’s best for all of us. Just trust me on this one. And now I have at least a possibility of getting some stuff done around here. But when he’s here, forget it.

This picture pretty much sums up our trip to the pumpkin patch this year. No explanation necessary.

Halloween was kind of an afterthought this year. Not anything at all like last year. But, I had a cute little Princess Presto and a stubborn little Alpha Pig.  We went to the Halloween parade the night before Halloween and met up with the rest of the Super Readers, Super Why and Wonder Red. Honestly, I didn’t think I would get him to even put on the hat and cape, but I think we got about 15 minutes of reluctant compliance. Halloween night, we all went to bed instead of trick or treating. It was just that kind of day.

In other news, over the last few weeks, we’ve been phasing meat out of our diets. After months of not being able to give my son milk or processed meats without causing the worst diaper rash any kid should ever have to endure, we watched a documentary that pretty much convinced the both of us that we don’t need to eat any of that stuff anymore. We’ve pretty much given up meat, dairy and eggs. Still eating wheat in moderation. And oils and most fats are out, too.

I’ve been pretty low key about the whole thing. Especially since I don’t really feel like I know what I’m doing. But last week, I got some new cookbooks and went shopping. I bought more veggies than I think I ever have, ever. And tofu. I bought tofu, y’all. And I like it. There is an eggplant in my fridge right now. Eggplant. This is huge, people.

And we are loving the results so far.  We feel good. And we’re losing weight. We’ve eaten lots of salads and beans. Beans that I cooked. Not from a can. And I’ve made hummus three times. And black bean burgers that even Eli will eat. Now I’ve also bought some stuff that I realized after I got home that I shouldn’t have gotten, but I’m giving myself a break about it since we are just starting out. It’s a process.

So how’s that going to look for Thanksgiving, you ask? I have no idea. But honestly, when you think about it, the dinner is mostly sides anyway. So I’ll have to give it some thought and design a menu that will probably be awesome. At least, I hope it will be awesome. So far, I haven’t been terribly disappointed by the meals I’ve fixed. In fact, some have been really, really good. And I would make them whether I was eating vegan or not.

So that’s been this month in a nutshell. This crazy, life changing, hectic month. And I know the rest of the year is going to zoom by, so I am glad I took the time to write this down. There’s no telling when I’ll get back to this blog. The holidays are coming and then Aubin will be one! Holy cow. What a year this has been.

So if I don’t pop back on here for a while, Merry Christmas!

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4 Responses to Hello, November

  1. Just found your blog and think it is great! I also have a 2.5 year old (MJ) and understand all about the pros and cons of sacrificing daytime naps. I spend a lot of my days negotiating and compromising and would love a break in the day – but yes, avoiding the night time anguish is lovely! Good luck 🙂

  2. Okay here is your unsolicited advice. Is she really eating when she nurses or just waking up to say hi? Have you tried going in right before you go to bed and nursing her and seeing if she’ll make it through the night? Or if she will take a bottle, just put one in there right before you go to bed, so that she can find it if she wakes up? These are some tricks that worked for me. I’m all about sleep tricks, girl. MOMMY NEEDS SLEEP.

    • finneyfer says:

      Oh she’s nursing. She usually has a full diaper which I change, then she eats and goes back to sleep. No playing, thankfully. I’ve tried nursing before I go to bed but that didn’t matter. I’ve even given her formula plus the breast before bed and she’s still waking up. We tried sending hubs in to settle her down which only worked as long as he held her. I ended up going in and nursing anyway. She’s also cut 3 teeth which I suspect has a lot to do with it. I just hope I haven’t gotten her into a new bad habit.

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