That’s the sound of this year. Flying by.


It’s hard to believe that my daughter is six months old. Poor thing has had very little acknowledgement on this blog or Facebook or even on my walls. Seriously, I have a ton of pictures of her on my computer (although decidedly fewer than her big brother), but if a stranger were to walk into this house, the only giveaway that I have two children is the fact that there are two bedrooms in the back and one has a crib and a diaper pail filled to the brim with dirty size two’s. I just keep letting all the print deals from Snapfish and Shutterfly pass by. I need to get some pictures printed and up in this house soon. I’ve got some super cute ones, too. I guess I need to stop making excuses and just make it happen.

She had her six month check up yesterday, and she’s a whopping 18 lbs, 11 oz and 26.75″ long.  When her brother was that old, he was 17 lbs, 1 oz and also 26.75″ long.  Wow.

Here they are at six months old. On the left is Eli, just after his first haircut. As you can see, she won’t need one of those for awhile. Before you judge her top, this was already her third outfit of the day. Drool monster.

So here’s what my sweet little roly poly has been up to:

  • I think she’s trying to cut her two bottom teeth, but I could be wrong. The doctor’s exact words during his exam were, “She may be getting teeth soon. Or maybe in six months, who knows.” For real.
  • About three weeks ago, she learned to sit up and roll over in the same week. So crazy. Two major milestones at the same time.
  • She’s still a spitter and is a bigtime drool monster. I change her clothes several times throughout the day when I don’t remember to put a bib on her. And even then, sometimes I still have to change her.
  • She goes through a gazillion diapers a day. That’s one more than a bajillion, in case you were wondering.
  • I tried feeding her solids last week, and she’s not sure what to think. I quit trying when her gag reflex kicked in. And to give her tummy (and reflux) a break. We’ll get back at it tomorrow. Maybe.
  • She still sleeps a lot throughout the day. At least three naps. And (dun, dun, duuuuunnnnn) sleeps through the night on a pretty regular basis. Thankfully. Of course, I know that now that I’ve put that little tidbit out there into the universe, she’s going to put me through the ringer of nighttime wakings for at least the next two weeks. Whatev.
  • She had her first bottle of formula yesterday. I’m thinking about trying to partially wean her, kinda like I did with her brother at 10 months. I didn’t actually give up breastfeeding with him until 13 months. But I’ve been taking my MS medicine for a month or so now and it’s probably best to get her weaned sooner than later.
  • She is working on her laugh and squeals and babbles.
  • She L.O.V.E.S. her feet. She holds them every chance she gets. While nursing, diaper changes, in the bath or on the floor, even if it means toppling over. She does not let go of those toes.
  • We moved the swing into the attic and traded it for the jumperoo. She likes that okay. She’ll get into it as she gets older, I’m sure.
  • She doesn’t have much of a bedtime routine. I usually nurse her on the couch before I put her to bed at 8 p.m. and then just put her down. There’s usually no bedtime story, no rocking, no singing. Just bed. I feel bad about this. I need to start reading to her more and being more intentional with her at night when Eli is already down.  Sad to say, she gets the short end of the stick most days. Eli is so busy and demanding that I spend a lot of energy dealing with him and end up setting her aside or laying her down for a nap. Of course, that could partly be because she’s still just a baby and that’s what baby’s do. But you know, I’ve still got the mom guilt about it. Luckily, she doesn’t know the difference. At least I hope not. (ugh…mom guilt!)

My son is 26 months old now and has turned into a little talking person.  He’s been a chatterbox for a long time, but now I can actually understand him. We have little conversations all the time. It’s so weird.

Here’s what my little heart-breaker has been up to:

  • We made our first trip to the ER for four staples on the back of his head a couple of weeks ago. It was the end of the day, we’d already eaten supper and I was nursing Aubin on the couch. Eli was being extra rambunctious because it was close to bed time and was jumping around on the couch after I told him repeatedly to settle down. That’s when, as if in slow motion, I saw his legs in the air as he went backwards off the arm of the couch and his head landed squarely on the fireplace. I put her down as quick as possible and got up in time to see the blood pour out of the gash in his head. That was not a fun moment. I grabbed one of the diaper rags I had on the couch (for sister’s spit up) and held it to the cut while he screamed in fear and pain. I just held him while he cried. I’m pretty impressed by my composure, which I was thankfully able to keep long enough to call in reinforcements. My neighbors came over and were a huge help. They calmed me down and I was even able to take a shower before taking him to the ER. One of them even went with me so I wouldn’t have to go all the way by myself. Now she’s gone off to college and I miss her like crazy. So does he. Poo.
  • We tried potty training one weekend. I won’t say it was a complete disaster, but I gave up when he decided he was ready to throw in the towel. In other words, when he fought me kicking and screaming to go into the bathroom even for a bath, I knew we were done. Of course earlier this week, he decided to pee and poop on the potty. All on his own. Three different times. And I’m like, um, okay dude. Whatever.
  • Last week, he had surgery for tubes in his ears. We were on his sixth round of antibiotics in three months. I was so done with that. And so was he. He’s done really well so far since the surgery. Keeping my fingers crossed that we’re good now.
  • My little boy genius knows his ABC’s, y’all. Show him a letter and he’ll tell you what it is. He sings the song all the time. Usually out of order, but he tries and it’s so stinking cute. He even carries the tune really well which gives me hope he’ll have a good ear for music.
  • He’s so polite. All day long he says, “thank you, mommy” and “pwease”. I can hear it now. I need to record it, it’s so cute. Mommy. One day I was no longer momma.
  • He’s learned to say his name. “Ewi” He says the “w” sound for “l” and it’s super cute. So Eli becomes Ewi. Letters become Wetters. And so on.
  • He loves to play outside. Bugs are “nassy” (nasty). And when he trips or even falls he says “ooh, careful”.
  • For the longest time, he was calling my mom “maw” and my dad “pawpaw”. Then one day he started saying “gammaw” and calling my dad “poppa Rick”. Again, super cute. But he’ll soon be grandpa, I’m sure.
  • He’s a card. And he’s absolutely fearless. When he gets in trouble, he tries his hardest to make you laugh. It’s so cute and funny and frustrating, because I’m trying to be all hard-nosed mommy and he’s like, bet I can make ya laugh and get outta this time out! Sometimes it works. And sometimes, he suggests his own punishment, to the extent of putting himself in time out. Which is weird, but I just go with it.
  • He loves to eat ice.
  • He loves wearing our shoes. Often we find them in odd places around the house because he’ll get in our closet, put on a pair and off he goes.
  • He runs all over this house. Run, run, run! That’s what he says. So funny.
  • When he plays, he pretends. He pretends to be weed-eating a lot. He pretends to use the phone. He likes to color. He’s learning to share. He plays pretty well with other kids. And he looooves to help his daddy. If his daddy is home, you better believe Eli is with him wherever he may be.

All in all, he’s a joy to be around. Even if he does drive me batty sometimes. I sure love that boy of mine.

So as you can see, these children of mine definitely keep me on my toes. Some days I do really well. And some days I send out a Mayday on Facebook asking for prayer. Which I did the other day, and I gotta say, the minute I put it out there I could tell people saw it and prayed because we all calmed  down and our day was much better. So if you were one of those people, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. You lifted me up so I could finish the day without going insane.

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