On Opposite Day

I love dealing with insurance companies. Because they are awesome and love paying for healthcare, you know, since I’ve been paying them all this time.

My son is SUPER obedient and NEVER throws a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way NOW.

I’m well rested and my house is sparkling.

I enjoy every moment of nursing my baby girl and certainly am NOT distracted by a game of Scramble on my iPod. Or checking Facebook. Or my newest addiction, Dice with Buddies.

I’ve taken a shower.

My daughter has been bathed.

My kids have not woken up before 6:30 a.m. at the same time.

My son isn’t naked. Or dirty. Or asking to go “ahide” to play in 95+ degree heat. Or eating dog food. (Seriously, what is it with the dog food eating obsession? Is it just a boy thing? Somebody please tell me it’s just a boy thing.)

Clean laundry is folded.

All my mail gets opened and dealt with or filed, right away. It certainly isn’t piled up on my desk. In my living room. For all the world to see what a slob organizationally challenged person I am.

I love opposite day.  It should be a national holiday.

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