The words of my mouth

Okay, so I realized recently that I need to change my vocabulary up a bit. Eli is going to start talking soon, and the last thing I want is for him to be repeating some of the un-pretty words that fly out of my mouth.

So I’m going to try to stop saying things like:

  1. Crap. Maybe Crud is better. Or Shoot.
  2. Shut up! Usually yelled at the dog. I try to say Hush, but sometimes it just seems impossible.
  3. Dumb dog. Again, directed to the dog. Usually when he’s taken off down the sidewalk and I have to chase waddle after him yelling for him to come back.
  4. Stupid. I don’t know what context I say it in, but I know I say it. And I should stop.
  5. Sucks. As in, “man, that really sucks.” Stinks is much better.

Those are the five on the top of my list. Those are the ones I can think of that bug me. Those are the ones I will be working on. For now.

I’ve also tried to incorporate the words Please and Thank You, into my vocabulary more. Especially when telling him to do something. For example, instead of barking at him to “put your toys up!” I say, in the same commanding tone, mind you “put your toys up, please” and it sounds less harsh somehow. To me, anyway. Yet I find that it still works.  Well, sometimes. And that’s when I remember to say it.

And whether or not it works, somehow I feel like I am instilling a tiny bit of manners into his little sponge-for-a-brain. And when the day comes for me to tell him to “ask nicely” or “what do you say?” the response, “please” won’t come as such a shock.

Or maybe I’m completely delusional. Yep, that’s probably more like it.


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