A Toddler Christmas

My toddler is into everything. It seems some days I spend all day telling him to stop getting into various things around the house. So when it came to decorating for Christmas this year, I weighed several options with regard to the tree. Including (but not limited to…):

  1. Not putting up a tree at all. But that seemed too Scroogelike.
  2. Put up a small tree on a table somewhere. Which I quickly decided against because, a) I would have to buy said small tree, and b) I’d likely be picking it up off the floor a million times anyway.
  3. Getting a real tree with pine needles like my mom used to get. It worked to keep us kids out of it when we were little. Those needles hurt like the dickens.  We decided against this option because of a) needing to purchase one and b) all the mess I’d have to clean with the pine needles, etc.
  4. Put up our fake tree with a barricade around the bottom.
  5. Put up our fake tree, decorate it like I normally would, and see what happens. I mean, maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t take any interest in it whatsoever.

Our solution: We went with number 5. We put up the tree, decorated it. And waited to see what would happen.

He saw it. And immediately started taking ornaments off. I’ve spent the better part of the last month re-decorating it as he brings me ornaments. Most have been repositioned to the top part of the tree.

This is how it looks today:

Not a tree you’d see in a magazine. And certainly not that pretty. But it’s up. And what’s Christmas without a Christmas tree? Besides, when the lights are on, you can hardly tell half the tree is bare. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself.)

On the bright side, he couldn’t care less about the presents. He leaves those alone. So at least there’s that.

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One Response to A Toddler Christmas

  1. Jen says:

    Ellie brought me a couple and I just told her to go put it back. And she did. After we oohed and aaaahed over the pretty ornament.

    There was one she kept throwing until it hit the tile and shattered and she was very confused and pointing at it and jabbering — turns out, later I saw her throw a zooble (round toy) that pops open when it hits the floor and then I understood the earlier confusion when the non-zooble-ornament shattered. LOL That was unexpected to her.

    We have no presents out at all — they are all wrapped, bowed and hidden. It will all come out xmas eve when the kids are in bed so it’ll be one HUGE screaming surprise when they wake up xmas morning.

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