Halloween 2011 – A boy and his firetruck.

So sometime in September (yes, September), Marcus comes home from Walmart with a Halloween costume for Eli. A firefighter. And seeing as how Marcus was a volunteer firefighter in a previous life, it seemed fitting. So I went with it.

Plus, I remembered that last year we went to a Halloween Parade that some friends put on for their kids and friends’ kids. Basically, we walk down their street a ways and the kids are all pulled along in decorated wagons, ahem, floats, while neighbors and other friends line the street with chairs and watch and cheer for the kiddos in their cute costumes. They give the kids candy and it’s just a fun, fun time for all. So, remembering last year, I thought we could decorate his wagon to look like a firetruck.

Now when I say we could make it look like a firetruck, I was thinking along the lines of some streamers and maybe some boxes cut out to look like a ladder or something. But I gave Marcus that task. And boy did he take me seriously.

He started bringing home boxes from the IT department at work and the next thing I knew, our garage looked like we were preparing to move. Or build a home computer network. But he had a plan.

Boy did he have a plan.

So the parade was scheduled on the Sunday before Halloween. So in true Finney fashion, we began working on the truck Saturday night. For serious, y’all.

And here’s how it went…

Earlier that day, we went to Walmart and picked up 2 cans of red spray paint and rolls of colored duct tape. Black, yellow, white and chrome to be exact, along with some trailer lights for the roof.

About 7:30 or 8, Marcus set up the garage and got down to business.

Then he started cutting. That’s a ruler. The man is serious.

And then it really started taking shape. He amazes me with his ability to visualize something from nothing and execute it so well.

Then he applied some paint. Um, lots of paint.

And the next morning, he started with duct tape. And I didn’t take pictures. Because he got up early to do it. Then when he got home from doing some volunteer work with our small group, he finished it up. And even pulled out his old axe and made a duct tape replica. See the axe on the floor.

Yes, that’s a ladder on top. And an American flag. It doesn’t get more real that that, folks. Then we took it for a test drive.

I forgot to mention that the ladder turned 360 degrees. That’s serious business, right there, y’all.

Then my firemen got all dressed up and we headed to the parade. Here they are in action.

My friend Lindsey pulled her little mouse, Patrick, behind Eli and said E was cracking up the entire time. Guess he had lots of fun. 🙂

When we got there, the host came over and said, “man, y’all came to win!” And we did, in fact, win best overall, or something like that. Because holy cow, the thing even had a firehose! And Marcus dressed in full gear. Helmet and all. Now, I have no idea what we’ll do next year. And I’m a little nervous about future science fair projects. 🙂

Thanks, Danes for giving us an excuse to go completely overboard with this thing. We had fun.

Now, the box is sitting inside the house and being used as a toy. Because what good is it just sitting in the attic collecting dust and bugs?

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8 Responses to Halloween 2011 – A boy and his firetruck.

  1. Ashley Dane says:

    So.impressive!!! Love that you went overboard! And I did not know that you didn’t start on it until Saturday night! That makes me even more impressed. Can’t wait til next year – two little mini finneys will be there! Glad you guys are a part!

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  3. Candy says:

    Love this! We are making this for our son now, who is in a wheelchair for a few more weeks from a broken leg.

  4. Rachel says:

    We’re doing something similar for our son, how did he get the cardboard to stay on wagon? I don’t want to use any type of glue, wasn’t sure if he had any suggestions!:) would really love some help! Lol

    • Marcus says he ran a bungee cord underneath it. He hooked to the bottom of the box and then ran it inside over the top of the wagon. How old is your son?

      • Rachel says:

        Awesome thanks, he’s about to be 3 next wk! I’m on a mission to do this, last year he was a oompaloompa! He loves firetrucks and such so perfect! Called and going to appliance store next weekend they said they have tons of large boxes! How did he make the ladder? Ours I’m sure won’t be as great, but loved your husbands idea and final project!

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