Adventures in Wallflowers

So when we visited my friend in Corpus last month, she had this yummy fragrance plugged in to the wall in the bathroom. I asked her where she got it and she said Bath and Body Works. Then I noticed the fragrance bottle said “Wallflowers” on it. Since we started hosting small group, I thought it might be prudent of me to purchase one for our back bathroom.

So yesterday when I was at the mall returning some unfortunate shoe purchases at Penney’s, I remembered that the Bath and Body store was just on the other side of the Penney’s in the mall.

I got there and was told that the Wallflowers were 4 for $20 and I could mix and match scents AND plugs. Wow! Was this my lucky day or what?  Then as I’m waiting in line, I hear the cashier say to another patron that they are not only on sale for 4 for $20 but 6 for $24. Well. Bless my beating heart!  This was music to my ears. I mean I can spot a bargain and this was definitely a bargain, y’all.

So I rushed over to pick up another plug and round out my scent collection to include one I had put back when trying to meet that 4 item limit. While standing in line I noticed lip gloss. Mint flavored lip gloss which was obviously a must-have. And I did just take those shoes back, so I’m not really spending any more, right?

When I got home, I hurried to plug in my new yummy smelling Wallflowers. I noticed that it seemed stronger than the one in my friend’s bathroom. But I thought maybe that was just the beginning and would fade a bit over time. So I plugged one in my bathroom and one in the back bathroom. Then we left for my niece’s birthday party.

When we returned several hours later, the whole house smelled of competing scents and I was a bit overwhelmed. M said it smelled good so I figured it was just me thinking it was a bit strong. When we went to bed, I thought to myself, I wonder if I’m going to make it through the night?

Well folks, I didn’t. I woke up several times and finally took the blasted thing out when I realized my nose was burning and my eyes hurt.

Then this morning Marcus came out of the back bathroom with the second one in hand saying it was a bit much for the tiny room. He moved that one to the living room to a plug right behind the desk that I’m sitting at right now. And I gotta tell ya, It’s about to get unplugged. My eyes and my nose are burning again and I think I’ve had about enough. I shouldn’t have to tough it out, should I?

It’s not like I think my house smelled bad to begin with. I just thought it would be nice. Not make me sick.

So anyone want some slightly used Wallflowers? You can have them for nothing. Otherwise they have a date with the trash can. Of course, the unused bottles will most likely go back to the store so I can at least get some of my money back.

Holy moly, I think I need to go take a Benadryl.

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