Big Boy

So my almost 16 month old had his 15 month check up last week.

He weighs 28 pounds. All of which I feel while my belly grows, especially when getting him out of or putting him into his crib. Oy.

He’s 32 1/2 inches tall. Which means he’s tall enough to start pulling stuff off of tables and cupboards. Lovely.

He’s basically wearing 18 t0 24 month clothes. And size 5 diapers.

Doc says not to worry about his weight. He’s in the “top 10%” for height and weight. In other words, he’s in the 90th percentile. I’m finally coming to grips with the fact that I have a chubby baby. But he’s a cute chubby baby and not obese. So we’re okay. For now.

He’s becoming really fun to watch and play with. When he’s not whining.

  • Like the other day he crouched behind the big recliner and popped his head up and down in a rousingly fun game of peek-a-boo. We both laughed and laughed.
  • When he comes up to me and lets me cuddle and kiss and tickle him to pieces and we both laugh and laugh.
  • When daddy comes home and he runs to see him yelling “Dada! Dada!”
  • Anytime we hear a lawnmower going outside and he yells “Dada!”
  • Every time my phone rings and he gets excited and yells “Dada!”
  • His little dance is super cute. He bounces up and down to music and recently even started throwing in a little booty shake and shimmy action along with some flailing arms clapping. Usually not to the beat, but hilarious nonetheless.

He’s becoming a little stinker.  For example…

  • My child who would eat ANYTHING I put on his plate, including veggies, is now refusing veggies complete with the shake of his head as he spits them out of his mouth and proceeds to toss them to the dog. He now gets a chewable vitamin everyday.
  • He does NOT want to be corralled. Yesterday I put him in his castle and went to my room to lay down. I could hear him playing and then it got quiet. Next thing I knew, he was walking into my bedroom! When I came out to the living room to see what happened, one whole wall of the castle was on the floor. The kid figured out how to escape. Guess next time he’ll be in the pack and play.
  • He tests me everyday. He has discovered his strength and his will. And is not afraid to exert both. Which makes for one tired mommy by the end of the day.
  • He has also discovered the power of noodle legs. You know, when I grab his arm (usually after a minor chase) as I insist he come with me somewhere that he does not want to go and his whole body goes limp. So I wind up dragging him along until he stands up again once he realizes that I won and he has no choice. That’s when the crying starts. Lovely.

He is down to one nap a day. Usually around noon or 12:30. He still sleeps through the night (thankfully). Bedtime is about 7 p.m. these days. He eats dinner at 5, plays a little while. Gets a bath. Then we read a couple of stories, I sing a couple of songs, we pray and put him to bed. Lately he’s content to lay around in his crib in the mornings until about 8 or 8:30. Which is nice but I usually have a super full, nasty dirty diaper to attend to when I go get him up. Yuck.

Which leads us to the dreaded diaper rash. He’s had this ongoing diaper rash since June. We’ve seen the doctor about it, had food allergy testing, changed diaper brands, tried Lotrimin, Vagisil, various diaper creams, washing his wipes to make them completely free of any possible irritants and was told last week by the doc that it’s something I’ll just have to deal with until he is potty trained. Nice. The one thing that seems to help is Aveeno Baby Oatmeal baths. Getting him to sit in the bath long enough for it to work is a whole other adventure in itself. But somehow we manage. And it really does help.

He has several “words” in his ever growing vocabulary. Here’s a few he says often:

  • bah = bath
  • wower = shower
  • doh = dog, or door, or just about anything else he happens to be pointing to at the moment.
  • haacchhhh – which kinda sounds like he’s speaking Yiddish or something. But I figured out it means “light”. Mainly because he says it while pointing to various lamps or lights around the house.
  • dee = drink
  • shish = fish and refers to any snack type cracker like goldfish or cheerios. It means he wants a snack.
  • tickle, tickle, tickle = which he says when I put diaper cream on his booty. Which happens a lot these days.
  • toes = while pointing to his cute little toes
  • shoes = which he says while bringing you somebody’s shoe that was either lying around the living room or in a closet somewhere.

I call him all sorts of fun names these days. You know, loving things like…

  • Soggy bottom 
  • Dirty britches
  • Stinky britches
  • Big belly
  • Bubba
  • Big booty
  • Stinky booty
  • Dirty booty
  • Silly goose
  • Whiny baby

I know, I know. Please don’t judge me. 🙂 

He’s a growing toddler who runs almost everywhere he goes. Especially away from me. Especially anytime I ask him to come with me. Unless it’s to the kitchen to get some shish or lananas (bananas).

And even though he’s a handful and can frustrate me to no end, I still love the little turkey. I mean come on…how can I resist this face…

photo by J.Hintze Photography

I’m so smitten. And slightly exhausted.

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