Caution: Changes Ahead

So with the start of the school year, comes the start of small groups at our church. We love our small groups. So much so, that we decided to HOST our Monday night small group and I’m actually going to be LEADING my ladies small group on Wednesday mornings.  This is huge for us. Big “next steps” if you will.

I think Marcus is hoping that by hosting small group on Monday nights, it means he’ll have a cleaner house most of the time. 😉  Which is actually true. Because now I’ll be forced to keep it relatively picked up throughout the week and will be switching from my current haphazard every couple of weeks or so cleanwhenitgetsonmynervesenough cleaning schedule to a weekly round of dustvacuumcleanbathroomssweepandmopfloors extravaganza. Not to mention a daily helping of pickupclutterandtoystomakelifeeasieroncleaningday bonanza. Ole!

Honestly. How did June Cleaver and Donna Reed do it?

Let’s not forget that my belly is only going to be getting bigger and my energy smaller as the days wear on. It makes me tired just to think about.

But I’m really excited (and kinda nervous) about leading a small group this year. Our first study is by Jen Hatmaker. And so far, I really like it. My prayer is that the ladies of our group like it, too and that God will show us Himself and reveal some truth to us this year. I don’t doubt He will. I just hope I don’t get in the way. :-/

And that about sums up our life as it steamrolls ahead. Onward and upward! Or, something like that.

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