Age ain’t nothin’ but a number…

So my appointment went great on Wednesday. The results from my quad screen came back negative (normal) and my ultrasound was great, showing no defects or abnormalities. Praise God!

So much for being old advanced maternal age. 🙂

I have to go back at the end of September so the doc can check the baby’s heart at 24 weeks to make sure all is well. Oh, and we also didn’t sit through genetic counseling. It was a separate charge, not likely covered by my insurance company, and I didn’t think it was necessary given the good results from the quad screen. If there was any indication from the ultrasound that counseling would be beneficial, then I would consider it. But at this juncture, I really don’t see the point.

The best part about the appointment was finding out we’re having a baby girl!!  Guess Steve Carell was wrong.

Bring on the pink!

Now it’s time to figure out a name. Probably the hardest part of having a baby. Seriously. Whatever we decide to call our little girl will go with her the rest of her life. That’s some pretty heavy responsibility. We have to do it right.

Oh, one more thing. I have been able to sleep lately sans nightmares. Yay!  Another answer to prayer. Hopefully they remain a distant memory and don’t return. But I won’t be surprised if I have a few more before we meet our little lady bug. 
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