Beach Boys

So Monday, we loaded up and headed south. I have a friend from college who has a place on Padre Island and she always invites us to come down and stay while she’s here for the summer. This is the year we finally took her up on it.

It was great to get away. It was a quick trip. Only 3 days. But we had a good time. I wish I had taken more pictures, but the only time I busted out the camera was at the beach. I didn’t even get a picture with our hostess. Why do I do that?

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the beach. It was getting close to E’s nap time so he doesn’t really look that happy in any of the pictures. Poor kid. We’re such mean parents.

First, his daddy buried him in the sand.

Then, we made him play in the water.

Then, we made him eat the sand at snack time.

Then daddy put him to work.

And finally, just because this shot makes me laugh…

I think I caught him sitting down. But oh, that belly! I’ve got to stop feeding this kid. 🙂

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2 Responses to Beach Boys

  1. lindseymichelle says:

    Ha! Ha! How cute is he in those trunks and water shoes?!?!

    • finneyfer says:

      I know, right? The shoes came off when he was playing on the shore. You know how your feet sink in the sand? Well, he pulled them out sans shoes at one point and that was all she wrote. He spent the rest of the time in his bare feet. 🙂

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