He’s Awake

The sound of Eli’s chatter breaks the silence of the room over the monitor.

He’s awake.

As he chatters, we lay in bed. Waking up. Willing him to be quiet and go back to sleep.

More chatter.

Time check: 7:03 a.m.

More chatter.

Guess I better get up.

Then I feel Marcus roll over. Great! He’s gonna go get him. Settling back into my pillow.

But then, I hear the familiar click of a button.

Wait…was that?

Me, sleepy voice: “Did you just hit the snooze button?”

Marcus, gravely groan: “uh-huh”

Me laughing: “babe, that’s not the alarm, that’s our son.”

Hysterical laughter ensues.

Good Morning!!

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One Response to He’s Awake

  1. Carol Selby says:

    Too funny!

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