Daily Battles

So life with Eli is starting to get tough. Not that he still isn’t the sweetest kid on the planet, but some days, it seems like all we do is battle. It seems like lately all that comes out of my mouth is correction. Things like…

“Get out of there.”

“Put that down.”

“Don’t touch that.”

“Come. Here. NOW!”

“Stop. Stop. STOP!”

And I’m afraid this is only the beginning of our little battle of wills. The worst part is that he talks all the time, but I still can’t understand a word out of his mouth! It’s just so frustrating sometimes.

Anyway, here’s his current “favorite” place to play…The dog kennel.

Oh sure, he’s cute as a button. But this is where he makes a mess out of the dog food and puts it in the water and probably eats it for all I know. Oy. For a while, I was able to keep him out of it by locking the gate. But a couple of days ago, the kid figured out the latch and the next thing I knew, I was pulling him out. Again.

Lately I think I physically pull that kid out of there about five times a day. At least that’s how it seems. I find myself thinking, I can’t wait until he’s too big for that thing. But then I know he’ll just be into other stuff.

So today I moved the kennel into the kitchen by the back door in hopes it’ll be more out of sight out of mind. Plus we have gates installed that, when we are diligent about keeping them closed, keeps him confined to the living room/back of the house.

Oh well. Such is life. Such is parenting. It’s hard. I’m already tired and we’re only getting started. Ugh.

Anyway…thanks for letting me rant.  I feel better.

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2 Responses to Daily Battles

  1. abismom04 says:

    Okay, this may just be me, in the crazy off the cuff household we run over here, but why not just let him play in the kennel (sans water/food) At least you’d know where he was…. hehe

  2. finneyfer says:

    Because the dog is a diva and he won’t eat out of his bowl. He picks the food up and puts in on the floor to eat. When I keep the food in the kennel, he uses the floor of the kennel. When I put the bowl in the kitchen, he literally carries his food over to the carpet in the front hallway and leaves food there. It’s a big mess. I’d rather pull E out of the kennel than crunch dog food into my carpet…All. Day. Long. And I don’t vacuum that often, so get that thought right out of your silly little mind. 🙂 So far the kennel in the kitchen is working, anyway. Yay me!

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