So last week, we went on a playdate at Patrick’s house. The boys had fun. Eli ran all over the house (because there are no gates to lock him in a room) and Patrick crawled all over me. He’s a ham that boy. And so stinkin’ cute!

It was E’s lunchtime, so he borrowed P’s lunch chair and commenced to cleaning his plate of hot dog, peas and macaroni and cheese.  You know, to show P how it’s done. Since Patrick doesn’t eat big people food just yet. I think he was quite impressed. Once he got over the fact that Eli was using his chair.

Eli: "Mmmmmm..."

Eli: "Mmmmmm..." Patrick: "Hey dude, what do you think you're doing? That's MY chair! And what are you doing with that green stuff in your mouth? Yuck! Wait, why are you smiling?"

Eli: "Must get every last bite." Patrick: "Momma! This kid is in MY chair and he's putting stuff in his MOUTH! That's crazy! What? He's eating? But where's his tube? Oh, he doesn't need a tube? Oh, I get it. He eats like you and daddy but he's MY size. That's cool."

Eli: "glug, glug, slurp..." Patrick: "Dude, you are the eating MASTER! I bow to your eating greatness. One day you'll have to teach me your skills so I can eat like you, too." Eli: "One day, friend. One day."

We love you, Patrick! Thanks for letting us hang out.

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5 Responses to Buddies

  1. lindseymichelle says:

    LOL – Oh boy, I needed a laugh. That last picture is hilarious. I’m gonna start calling him Grasshopper. Thanks.

  2. jhintze says:

    This is a comment and a test….

    Comment is: I love those boys! Those are two of the cutest boys ever.

    Test is: I think my photography website is coming up from this link and I don’t know why or how to change it. Weird.

  3. jhintze says:

    Okay, let’s see if this fixes it…

  4. jhintze says:

    Well, crap. That didn’t work. Let’s see if this works. Sorry, Jen…

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