Drought, you say?

Did you know that us lucky folks in Southeast Texas are experiencing one of the worst droughts in, like, ever? Between all the crazy storms in the Midwest, wildfires in Arizona and the “heatwave” in the Northeast, we are just left down here sweltering and watching our lawns and crops dry up. Amidst all the natural disasters and politico infidelities, why don’t we hear about that on the news? Should we start taking pictures and Tweet it?

Seriously. While much of the northeast has been drowning in rain, and folks in the south are being flooded downriver from the melting snow (or something like that), we are dry as a bone down here. We haven’t experienced any significant rainfall since October of last year. That’s almost enough time to create a whole entire human being.

It’s bad, y’all. Really bad.

When I go see M at work, I drive by one of our lovely state correctional facilities, complete with road signs reading “Prison Area. Do Not Pick Up Hitchikers.” (Which begs the question: do people actually pick up hitchhikers these days?) Anyway, the Texas prison system is kinda cool in that it is self sustaining and they grow a lot of what they consume. Problem is, there are rows and rows of only waist high corn stalks, once green and growing, now just brown and crusty. It looks like it could all go up in flames any moment by just the careless toss of a cigarette from a passing motorist. I’m talking acres of dead corn. It never even had a chance.

It’s tragic. It saddens me every time I drive by. Not just because the prisoners won’t have corn to eat, (at least not from this unit) but as a taxpayer, I’m sure we paid for that corn to be planted. Plus, it’s just sad to see what this drought is doing to the earth. And it makes me sad for the farmers who are experiencing the same thing and are going to suffer for it. We, as consumers will also bear that burden in higher produce costs. It also doesn’t help that my family’s business is lawn care. No rain = not much business. And that sucks.

And the call for water rationing has begun in several cities around the area. No or limited watering of lawns. No washing cars or driveways. No filling up swimming pools. I’m afraid it’s gonna be a long, dry summer. And our cars will be filthy.

So please, God, let it rain.

Not just a little. A lot. Like days and days of soaking, I’m so sick of it raining, rain. Because frankly, y’all, there’s only so much blue sky and blazing sun a girl can take before going totally nuts.

Are ya with me?

So let’s all get out our rain dancin’ shoes and cut a jig. And pray for rain. We so desperately need it.

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3 Responses to Drought, you say?

  1. Carol Selby says:

    One of the highway information signs today said “Extreme wildfire danger.” You can certainly tell who has sprinkler systems in our neighborhood!

  2. juicebardiva says:

    I agree!!! We need some rain! If God responded to rain dances – I would do it. It’s so stinkin’ hot and I want to see some beautiful clouds and soaking rain. I’ve seen the wildfire danger signs as well! Scary stuff. :/

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