Let it Ring

Today is Memorial Day in the USA.  A day set aside to remember those who fought valiantly for our country. Those who went into battle knowing they might never return.

Those men and women who died to maintain our freedom.

Freedom is a precious thing. And is never a guarantee. 9/11 taught us that.  There are people in this world determined to crush the very freedom we hold so dear.  And there are men and women fighting today so that we can remain free.

I am thankful for their sacrifice. For the families who suffer because they are gone.

Thank you, soldiers,

For giving your lives so we can live in freedom.

But on this day, I want to also remember another sacrifice. There is One who didn’t just sacrifice his body for freedom’s sake. No, he did it so that we can experience freedom unlike the world has ever known.

Freedom that can NEVER be taken from us.

Freedom that we will take beyond the grave.

Freedom that was given on the cross.

And for that sacrifice, I am most grateful.

Thank you, Jesus,

For proclaiming freedom for the captives.

And releasing the prisoners from darkness.

For setting my soul free.

Now that’s a sacrifice worth remembering.

Never Forget.

And Let Freedom Ring!

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