You’ll never believe it…

…but, remember when I wrote about finding a check from the city for $75 smackers from 2009?  Remember how I said I’d go ahead and try to cash it and see what happened?

Well. I did.

And the bank took it.

And I added $75 bucks to my bank account.

About a year and a half after I should have.


So, I learned some important lessons from this little episode that I will share with you so you can hopefully learn from my wisdom mistakes.

1. Always open the mail.

B) Always cash a check made out to you that has no expiration date on it. No matter how old it is.  And…

3: Always thank the Lord for his provisions. Especially the ones you didn’t even know about, but had all along.

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One Response to You’ll never believe it…

  1. Warren Selby says:

    IV – Awesome!

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