Big Boy

We went to E’s one year check up last week and here are his stats:

Weight: 24 pounds
Height: 30.25 inches

He’s come a long way from 7 pounds, 7 ounces, 19 inches long!

But that’s what kids do.

As I mentioned in a previous post, he took his first steps a while back. He’s been getting braver ever since. The week before his birthday, he finally figured it out. I think he was seriously just showing off for MiMi and Papps.  He started really working on walking while they were here and he’s been getting better ever since. Here’s a little video I shot with my phone about 5 days ago. He’s way more stable even today. (Please disregard the mess in his room. He just finished trashing it.)

password: walking

He now has 8 teeth. 4 on top and 4 on bottom. The crib rail has the battle scars to prove it. He chewed off all the varnish and I noticed the wood was splintering the other day, so I found these cool crib rail teething guards online and picked them up at Baby’s R Us after reading some good reviews.

He has been feeding himself for a few weeks now. In another post I stated how he was eating big people food and how messy it was. So I decided to just start giving him baby food again until I was ready to take the next step. Well, he had other ideas. That baby food started getting spit out of his mouth. He simply wouldn’t eat it anymore. He’d had the good stuff and was no longer interested in the baby food. So now, I just feed him three somewhat healthy meals and a couple of snacks a day. And just deal with the ensuing mess. I’m a big girl, after all. 🙂

Case in point: Last night he had green beans and rice for supper. I call it the Green Bean and Rice Explosion!

It. was. everywhere. Even in his diaper. (I have no idea.)

To say this kid has a healthy appetite is a gross understatement. He’ll eat just about anything.  Even Indian food.  Yep. You heard me.  Indian food. But what he gets most is…

  • oatmeal (like Quaker Oats, not that Gerber baby stuff),
  • yogurt (that I sneak a little wheat germ into for extra vitamin E and folic acid. All flavors, too – peach, strawberry, blueberry and even blueberry and pomegranate.)
  • tomatoes (one of his first foods. I’m just waiting for the day when he says he hates them. And I’ll be like, “but you loved them when you were a baby…” and he’ll be all, “I know mom, you always say that, but I’m not a baby anymore, gees!” while rolling his beautiful blue eyes at me that I’ll want to slap right out of his head. HA!)
  • green beans
  • peas
  • hot dogs
  • sweet potato
  • rice (white or Mexican, he totally doesn’t care.)
  • turkey lunch meat
  • chicken
  • cheddar cheese (he’s not so keen on the Kraft American cheese slices, of course he prefers the more expensive stuff.)
  • diced peaches
  • Cheerios
  • avocado (he loves him some avocado! Whenever we go eat Mexican food, we order him a sliced avocado and he is in green, mushy, messy HEAVEN.)

I’ve been reluctant to give him bread for fear he’ll choke on it. But the other day I ordered him a grilled cheese sandwich at Sonic and he ate it up. Today, I fed him some of my whopper, which he loved and begged for more. After he ate my tomato. And the other day I actually cut up a piece of supreme pizza and he ate it up. (Hey, don’t judge, there’s veggies on it!) Of course, I don’t normally feed the kid fast food, but sometimes it’s what I’ve got.

He drinks milk and water. I haven’t given him juice yet. I don’t know if I will. At least I’m not in any hurry to go there. We don’t really drink it so it’s not been an issue. He’s content with water and milk for now. He also can drink from a straw. He’s done this for months now. I tend to drink from a straw at home and he drinks from my cup a lot of the time. He’ll point at my glass and say “dater” which to me means, “water.” He also uses a sippy cup and a bottle. I’m also nursing him about once a day now. Usually first thing in the morning. It works for us. I’ve been saying I’ll wean him since March, but I just haven’t yet.

There’s so much more I could say about this kid. Like that he loves books, hates being confined in his castle now that he can walk, and he trashes the living room on a daily basis. He’s like a little tornado, that boy. That just thinking about him gives me immense joy. Even though he can be a little turkey sometimes.  But that would take a whole lot of time. And I’m kinda tired. So I’ll just leave it here for now.

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