Off to the Zoo!

We had so much fun yesterday!! We went to the Houston Zoo for the first time. Well, it was Marcus’ and E’s first trip to the zoo. I grew up going there when I was a little girl. Back when the price of admission was a couple of bucks. Anyway. On to the pictures!

We saw giraffes and elephants and rhinos and monkeys and other animals I couldn’t name. It was hot and so most of the animals were in the shade or hiding. And since my vision is still spotty when I get warm, it was difficult for me to see most of the ones that were out. Marcus kept saying, “you see that (insert animal name here)” and I was like, “no, where?” Oh well. I think next time we’ll try to go when the weather is a bit cooler so we can hopefully see more animals. And not get so sweaty. And stinky. 🙂

We met our friend Lindsey and her son Patrick up there. (Along with her entourage, her mom, grandma, the nurse and all P’s stuff). We stopped at one point to take a break and let the boys play a little.

I’m so glad our boys got to experience their first trip to the zoo together. Hopefully the first of many things they do together.

Funny thing, we thought that since it was the day before Good Friday, it wouldn’t be super crowded. Um. WRONG. We didn’t count on field trips. I think there were at least 3 buses from every district in Region 4 out there. And some private schools. There were just a TON of people, and kids, there. Chalk that one up to a lesson learned.

I didn’t put any sunscreen on little E so he got quite red in the face. Poor baby. But we had a good time. And now he’s got some color on his face. Clearly, I need to get that kid outside more often.

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