Eli has something to say.

My son would like to author a guest post. This is his first blog, so please take it easy on him. He doesn’t quite have the home row all figured out yet. I will do my best to translate.

o,bl,m,m  mnm.l/ V?VVCV 

(mmm, that bagel sure looks yummy. Can I have a bite, mommy?)

CX DXCXX./ ,CX.,.?

(No, seriously. What’s up with the bagel?)

‘FCX UK,QU KZ Xde3p[tlk frrrrrcdscd vvvvvvvv  (gvgvgggb002360.561)9999999999999999999999999+

(How can you sit and eat in front of me without sharing? Really. How rude. 99 million times, rude.)



(Not even just a little bite? Please???)


(Hmph. Wonder how this keyboard tastes?)


(Hey look, a dog.)


(I have no idea.)


(I’ll be back.)


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One Response to Eli has something to say.

  1. juicebardiva says:

    omg, so funny. I love it!

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