Good News!

I got a call from the drug company yesterday and they told me that I qualified for at least one month of assistance for my medicine. They will pay 100% of my portion of the cost of the drug. So I am getting a full 30 day supply for

F R E E !!!!!!!!!!

Praise God! Now I have to fill out some more paperwork and return it within 10 days, along with supporting documentation (whatever that means) and we’ll go from there for future assistance. The case worker told me the goal was to have them pick up 100% of my portion of the payment for every month. But we’d have to see. I could still wind up paying a portion of the cost, but anything less than $650 a month is helpful.

Please join me in praying that we are just poor enough for them to cover the cost completely. Or at least 90%. That is way more manageable for us. I think we could handle that. But 100% would be the best scenario.

On the vision front…

I went to the eye doctor last week for testing (per my neurologist’s request) and it turns out I have a blind spot in both eyes in the exact same location. Which means it’s probably not my optic nerve because they act individually and can’t effect both eyes in the same location at the same time. At least it’s highly unlikely. So that means there’s something going on further back down the pathway leading to the optic nerves, somewhere deep in the recesses of my brain. Yay.

He prescribed another round of steroid treatment. But I just couldn’t muster up the energy to do it. Not right now. Not yet anyway. I just am not ready to go through that again so soon. Hopefully I can wait it out and the exacerbation will resolve on it’s own in a few weeks. Or days.

We are praying for healing and a complete return of my vision. Please join me in that as well if you think about it.

Several people have asked me about driving. I’ve limited driving to just around town for needed errands and to bible study. I’m not going long distances or driving at night. Not right now. Hopefully soon, I’ll be back to normal and can venture out like I used to.

Thanks for your prayers and support!


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One Response to Good News!

  1. Jennie Madsen says:

    I am glad bible study has made the cut! And I am stoked about the FREE meds — hooray for being just enough poor. 😉 Work hard, God will provide all else.

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