What does that word bring to mind for you?

Whatever it is, it’s usually accompanied by negative association. And because of this, I always had a difficult time grasping the meaning of the phrase “God is jealous for you.” Or that we have a “jealous God.” Or that God loves us with a “Godly jealousy.”

But I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. And I believe it’s finally become clear to me.  So here’s what I’ve come up with.

God loves us. Fiercely. Deeply. And because He loves us so deeply, He desires a relationship with us. A close, intimate relationship. Like two young lovers. Or a husband and wife. Or best friends, even.  And when we spend time in other pursuits, with other people or even things, and we neglect spending time with Him, he gets jealous. Because we should be fully devoted to Him.

So in my relationship with my husband, he doesn’t just get up in the morning, get ready for work and leave without saying “good morning” or “I love you.” We often talk to each other throughout the day while he’s at work and obviously when he’s home. We don’t go to sleep at night without saying “good night.” And we express our love for each other throughout the day in a host of different ways.

So it should be in our relationship with God.

Because just like nurturing any relationship here on earth requires time and presence, so does our relationship with God. He wants us to pursue Him as persistently as He pursues us. He wants to be loved by us so much that we don’t get our day started without saying “Good Morning, God. I love you.”  He wants us to check in with Him throughout the day. To spend some quality time with Him in His word. And then as we lay down for bed, He wants us to say “good night, God. I love you.”

It’s just that simple.

So why do we make it so complicated?

Just something to think about.

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