Dear Eli,

You know what? You are one cool kid. You are growing by leaps and bounds every day. It amazes me to watch how God is working in your little life to go from precious, tiny baby to almost walking 10 month old. Just look how tiny you were…

They tell me this is a fun age and I totally understand why. Here’s just some of who you are today:

  • You crack me up on a regular basis. Seriously.

  • You ignore me. A lot. I can say your name and you’ll look if you want to. You’re very strong-willed this way.  Like when I tell you to get out of something, like the electronics under the TV that call to you like a moth to a flame. It’s like you seriously pretend I’m not there. Baby, I just need you to stay away from daddy’s toys, okay?
  • You talk incessantly. Unless I turn the video camera on, then mum’s the word. You say absolutely NOTHING intelligible, (except mama, dada, and baba which I think means you’re hungry) but you are moving that mouth of yours All. The. Time. You’re a lot like your Uncle Morgan in this way. (Or your mommy…I mean, really, who am I kidding?)
  • You are such a flirt. I took you to Houston to hang out with Auntie Katie and you just flirted your little diapered booty off. With her. With the table of gaggling women behind us. With the chick behind us in line. Everyone.

  • You are so fun to feed solids. Everyone comments on how animated you are and how WIDE you open your mouth. It’s super cute. Then you bounce in your high chair and make all kinds of noises while you eat.
  • Your eyes are still blue. Beautiful bright, blue.

  • You smile and laugh a lot. Everyone always says what a happy baby you are. For which I take full credit. 😉
  • You blow your lips when you’re concentrating. Sometimes you make noise, but most times you don’t. Your daddy does that. I think it’s so stinkin’ adorable and clearly a family trait.
  • When you’re sleepy, you suck on your bottom lip. Then you rub your eyes. But when I see that bottom lip disappear, boy I know it’s time to get you in your room for a nap.
  • You started crawling and cruising several weeks ago, but you’re really moving now. Just last week while we were at Patrick’s, you stood on your own for a few seconds, without holding on to anything. WOW!  You’ve been doing this more and more ever since. It’s so fun to see you do this. I’m pretty sure that means you’ll be walking soon, too. That reminds me, last night I dreamed that I was carrying you and when I put you down you skipped walking and went straight to running. Lord, help me!
  • When you’re playing in your “castle” you like to stand on your toys to make you a little higher. Doesn’t matter which toy. You stand on all of them. It’s hilarious. Although, you’re probably going to break them soon if you keep it up. Guess I better start rotating them out more regularly now.

  • You started playing “catch” with the dog. Well, sort of. It’s more like keep away, but it’s so funny to watch.
  • You are still nursing. Most people I tell act surprised by this. You do have teeth, and we’ve had to have an intervention about these teeth a few times, but right now you’ve got the hang of it. But combined with solids, you’re definitely getting plenty to eat!

  • Speaking of teeth, Dr. B noticed at your 9-month check-up that your top two teeth were coming in and he showed me two swollen gums. Well, baby, since then, you’ve got what appears to be six teeth coming in on top now. It’s swollen all the way across up there. But you don’t seem to mind. Whew! I’m not looking forward to those teeth breaking through. That might be tough.
  • You love brushing your teeth though. We’ve done that for a while now and we just picked up an infant toothbrush and toothpaste the other day. I used it tonight for the first time and you did really well. Even if you did try to eat the toothbrush.
  • In the bathtub you play with your toys but you like to crawl around. Tonight, I had to sit you back down over and over again because you kept standing up. Little stinker. If you’re not careful, you’ll slip and fall and bonk your head one of these days.
  • You also discovered splashing recently. You just get those arms a-going and splash away! It’s so fun. And kinda messy.

  • When I put you to bed in your crib lately, for naps or bedtime, doesn’t matter, you ALWAYS stand up. So I’ve gotten to where I just walk out of the room and shut the door behind me after saying, “lay down, it’s naptime/bedtime.” Sometimes this works. And sometimes it just makes you mad. The other night, you actually laid back down when I told you that. But you must have slipped or something, because surely you weren’t actually listening to me and doing what I said. 😉
  • Lately, when I go in to check on you before I head to bed, you’re laying on your stomach. Which makes my heart jump a little. Because of all the SIDS talk and the whole ‘back to sleep’ thing. But I can’t control how you end up. You move now. All the time. And I’d rather let you sleep than try and move you to your back and wake you up. So I leave you and pray that you stay alive through the night.

So Eli, my love, you are just growing and growing. I am loving life with you and am so blessed that I get the privilege of watching you grow. Of helping you learn and explore the world around you. You’re a real hoot!

Lots of love and kisses,

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