Baby’s First Christmas!

I’m FINALLY getting to this blog post that I’ve been working on for two months. Whew!  So let’s get to it, shall we?

Merry Christmas!

Eli’s first Christmas was also our first Christmas at home since we got married. The last two years were spent with family in West Texas. It was nice to be home this year. It’s something we both really wanted. And needed.

This year, we started a new tradition with the Elf on the Shelf.  Elf is one of Santa’s helpers and he travels every night to the North Pole to report the doings of kiddos in the house and whether they were naughty or nice. Each morning, Elf is found in a new location, having returned from his trip. We had fun every morning finding Elf and every night hiding Elf. If M was home, it was his job to hide him and I got to search the next day. If M was at work, well, then he got to look when he got home the next morning. We had a ton of fun just the two of us, I can’t wait to see E get into it in the coming years. Here’s a few of the spots Elf found for himself this year.

We ordered a Santa suit for Marcus so he could play Santa for our friends whose son couldn’t go to the mall this year. He makes a great Santa, don’t you think?

On Christmas Eve I took Eli to mom and dad’s church and we had fun with my family and my Grandma Selby. Still spry as ever at 90 years young.

Now on to the good stuff. This year, daddy had to work on Christmas Eve (he is Santa, after all) and so he didn’t get home on Christmas morning until about 8:30 or 9. E was fast asleep in his morning nap. For him it was just another day. I suspect in the coming years, that will all change.

Anyway, M came home and while I was eagerly anticipating opening the presents, he starts making breakfast. Hmph. Guess I can wait. 🙂 He made a lovely breakfast, we ate it, fed E and then we got down to business.  (My husband makes really good breakfast, by the way. Really good).

Eli didn’t care much about the presents. Or opening them. Or really even playing with them. Oh well. 🙂 But Marcus and I had fun.

Then we had fun with the presents and the aftermath. Then Eli took a nap. 🙂

Merry Christmas!

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