A Love Story – Conclusion

So it’s the week before Valentine’s Day and I thought I would take the time to love on my husband this week in my posts and tell you our story. Start here for day one.

The thing about love stories y’all, is that so many times they don’t end well. Ours is just beginning. So far it’s been quite the adventure. Lots of highs. And devastating lows.

Before we got married, I read an article from Men’s Health magazine about the state of marriages today and why the author supposed so many end in divorce. It was like a divorce-proof your marriage article, if you will. One thing that stuck out to me has become our motto:

Play to Win.

In other words, it’s all in your approach. Are you playing to win? Or are you playing not to lose?  There is a difference.

In sports, teams can go into a game with either goal. Playing to win means they give it their all no matter what. And they may lose the game, but they never give up. Not even if they are ahead by 40 points. Because the goal is to win. Because even if they are ahead by 40 points, the minute they realize they are winning and get cocky, is the same minute they start letting up the intensity and start playing not to lose. Their heart’s not in it. When they make this shift in focus and intensity the other team usually takes advantage of the opportunity to ramp it up and often times will come back to win the game. It happens all the time.

The same is true for marriage. We want to win this thing. We are not living everyday hoping we don’t get divorced. That’s just asinine. No, we are living everyday knowing that this is it. There is no other option. Our marriage will stand the test of time because that’s our goal. To win. And we know the minute we let up, will be the same moment the enemy will ramp up his efforts to defeat us. That Satan is a spoiler, y’all.

But we know it takes effort. It’s a lot of work to stay married. Especially these days. We work everyday to stay strong as a couple. To keep God in our marriage. And to make sure we stay together to the finish.

We aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. We argue. We get irritated with each other. But we communicate. We have a very open, honest relationship. We talk about our lives. Our goals. Our dreams. Problems at work. Reflections of faith. Finances. Fears. Failures. And we encourage each other. We cheer each other on. We laugh together. Often. We are accountable to each other. We never go to bed angry. And we say “I love you” often.

Most importantly, we are a team.  When we do something cool or accomplish something big, or even something little, we often do a fist bump or high five and say “go team!” I know it sounds super corny, but it’s what we do. It’s who we are and it works for us.

It’s my prayer that we have a long life ahead of us. Together. That we both live long enough to see our son get married and have children of his own. But I don’t know the future. For now, I choose to live in such a way as to honor my husband. I hope I do that. To love him. And to cherish him.

And say “thank you” for all that he does for our family. He works so hard to take care of us and give us a wonderful life. Not a life full of extras, but a good life nonetheless. We are living our dream. For me to be a stay at home mom and that means he has to work a lot. But that’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make for our family. And for that I am truly grateful.

I am so thankful that God brought us together. I can’t imagine my life without him.

Marcus darling,

I love you with all my heart. You rock my socks off.

I am yours forever and always.


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One Response to A Love Story – Conclusion

  1. juicebardiva says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. It sounds eerily similar to Kevin and I’s story, just different highs and lows. 🙂 Love is truly one of the biggest blessing God gives us.

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