A Love Story – Part 3, Engagement

So it’s the week before Valentine’s Day and I thought I would take the time to love on my husband this week in my posts and tell you our story. Start here for day one.

So we dated an entire year before he finally proposed.  Along the way he did things that make any man stand out. And that completely made me gush over him. Even now. Just thinking about it makes me all misty. Like sending me THE most beautiful bouquet of roses to my job.

I remember that day, too. It was hot. The a/c wasn’t working well in the building and I don’t do hot well. I was a grouch. A complete grump all day. Then I got this call from the receptionist saying there was something for me at the front desk that I really should come get. Now. Needless to say that delivery completely changed my attitude. I didn’t care how hot it was, I was hot in L.O.V.E.!!!  Now not only  did I love him, but so did all my coworkers. Their husbands were a little miffed, however.

I loved spending time with him. I still do. He was becoming my best friend and I looked forward to the day we would get married. But of course, I couldn’t put the cart before the horse. The proposal had to come first.

So several times we went shopping and would stop at the James Avery store in the mall. He always looked at the wedding rings, but never said anything about them. Oh good grief. Just get on with it already, I thought. But I didn’t want to rush him. You see, I was the first person he dated after his divorce. The very first. That’s kinda scary, you know. I wanted to make sure he was really ready and so did he. So after one of these ridiculous displays of ring shopping without actually “ring shopping” I confronted him about it. We ended up that day going to Robbin’s Bros. and bought my engagement ring.

Oh. My. Goodness. I just picked out my engagement ring!!

My brother lives down the street from the jewelry store, so we went there while we waited for the ring to be sized. We were there for an hour or more and we didn’t tell anyone what we were up to. It was our little secret.

After we picked up the ring, we called my parents to see if they would be available for dinner. They had already eaten, but knew something was up. We never just went over there at 7 p.m. to see if they wanted to “eat dinner” when we were still 40 minutes away.

When we got there, we sat on the couch, giddy with anticipation. And Marcus asked for my hand. My parents were so excited and of course said yes. Then we went and celebrated at Happy Buddha and ate dinner. Well, Marcus and I ate. Mom and dad watched. And I wore my ring.

My beautiful engagement ring.

And I was very happy.

He made me give him the ring back after dinner so he could put together a “proper” proposal. It was Friday. My only stipulation was that he do it by Monday because there was NO WAY I could make it through the week without saying anything at work. But no pressure.

So finally, after making me wait all weekend, on Sunday night he got down on one knee and said the most amazing, beautiful, sappy, heartfelt words to me and pledging his love to me, asked me to marry him.

And I said yes.

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