A Love Story

So it’s one week until Valentine’s Day and I thought I would take the time to love on my husband this week in my posts and tell you our story.


As I mentioned before, we met through the internet. Hey don’t judge, EVERYBODY’s doing it!! haha  Don’t believe me? Just ask any preacher and he’ll tell you that the majority of marriages he performs these days are couples who met online.

Anyhoo…So I say he stalked me through MySpace. Which is kinda true. He says he “watched” me for a while. Just to see what I was like. What my friends said. What kind of pictures I posted. He liked that I had pictures of me in a variety of situations, but never in a bar or a party hoisting my drink.

He liked that I could get dressed up…

With my besties...Katie and Christy

Or be confident enough to throw on a baseball cap and enjoy the game…

With dad at the Astros game.

Sidenote – Funny thing about this “meeting”, is that this was before we had Facebook. And before I felt compelled to lock down real tight on the whole social networking sites, as my FB account currently is. Had it been now, I would have never even considered “friending” him on Facebook. Because I just don’t “friend” everybody.

So the year was 2007 and sometime in February he sends me a message asking to be my friend or whatever they called it on MySpace. I didn’t do it at first because 1) I was actually talking to someone else, 2) he didn’t have any good pictures of himself, shallow? and 3) his page was all NASCAR. Really?   I saw that he was a paramedic, taught at the local community college, and was in nursing school. Finally, a man with some passion and purpose. Goals. Once I quit talking to that other guy (which was a couple of weeks after Marcus’ first contact) I added Marcus to my friends.  Even though he was divorced and loved NASCAR, something in my little brain said “just give him a chance.” I’m glad I did.

So as you do in online dating, we emailed a few times. Then we talked on the phone. One of the first times we talked on the phone, the conversation lasted like 8 hours or something utterly ridiculous like that.  The thing about online dating is, it’s hit or miss when it comes to chemistry. You may be super duper compatible through email or on the phone, but then things just don’t click in person. So even though we had great chemistry on the phone, I was still a bit skeptical.  But we went ahead and planned our first date.

The first date was March 31st. I got tickets from work for the last pre-season Astros game. It was a 1 o’clock game. That morning, it stormed like crazy and I was without power for hours. I kept thinking, what kind of impression am I going to make if I can’t dry my hair or iron my shirt? Thankfully, the power came back about 30 minutes before he arrived, so I didn’t look like a complete wreck. ‘Nother side note: It stormed like crazy on our wedding day, too. Just a bit ironic.

Now, I did online dating for a while. I used eHarmony and Match.com and had certain rules in place for safety reasons. Like never ever let your date pick you up at your house. Always meet them somewhere. I don’t know what it was about Marcus, but I trusted him and let him come to my house. Of course, I told my friend Katie everything about him that I knew, just in case I went missing or I ended up in a ditch somewhere, but thankfully I didn’t.

So he showed up at my door. He was tall. I didn’t quite know in my mind just how tall 6′ 4″ would be. But I was happy. Especially after dating guys who said online that they were 5′ 5″ or 6″ and they showed up and were shorter than me. I’m 5′ 4″ so obviously someone was lying. I looked up at him and he had these incredible green eyes that just made me melt. He produced a bouquet of daisies. Something I had written on MySpace about being my favorite flower. And thus began our date. What would turn into another marathon, like that first phone call.

First we went to the game. I couldn’t even tell you who we played or if we won or lost. So not like me. We hemmed and hawwed in the truck about what to do next. Because we didn’t want the day to end even though the game was over. So we went to the movie. We saw 300. Not exactly a “date movie” but I didn’t care. And it was really good. Then we went to dinner. Then back to my place to sit and talk. He had to be at work at 6 a.m. but stayed until midnight. Then had to drive the hour back to LJ to get home.

One thing that impressed me was he didn’t make a move on me all night. Just put his arm around me at the game and then on the small of my back a few times as he led me through the crowds. He was the perfect gentlemen. He opened all the doors. Paid for everything. And gave me a hug good night.

And I knew he was different. God was beginning to awaken love in me. And I was so giddy the next day at church. And he called me that night. And we talked for hours. Again.

He pursued me. From the very beginning. And so began our courtship.

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3 Responses to A Love Story

  1. Cindy B. says:

    Aw, so tweet! March 31st was a very good date for a first date! (My birthday!) 😉 Lol! Jeb and I were the same way when we first met. He came to my mom’s house and we stayed up and talked the entire night! 4 months later, we we’re engaged. 😉

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