Friday Favorites!

It’s another Friday Favorites y’all!  I’ve been busy, or sick, or both so I haven’t done one of these lately.  Anyway, enjoy…

1. (cue Star Wars music) That’s no coffee maker… 

…it’s a Brew Station.

Brew Station

I love my Hamilton Beach BrewStation. When we bought it at Target, we were hemming and hawing over which coffee maker to buy. A woman came to the aisle with her daughter and saw that we were looking at it and she said she used one in her hotel in Hawaii and loved it. We were sold. It brews a whole 12 cup pot of joe in no time and the best part is there is No Glass Carafe. Yeehaw! So no more coffee spills when you try to pour your first cup of the day. Or even your fifth. Or when you just want to fill the pot with water. Nope. No spills. Ever. No broken glass. No heavy lifting of any sort. Just the push of a button and voila! Your morning cup of steaming fresh coffee directly in your cup. Ahhh. Now, if I can just figure out how to get it in Hawaii…

2.  My Origins Back Scratcher.

Back ScratcherMany years ago, (2002 I think) when I was single and had to scratch my own back, I went to a little make-over party at the Origins store in Baybrook Mall. Of course we were supposed to buy make up. But I bought this instead. I believe it was the only one left in the store. And I think they were being discontinued. I haven’t seen one anywhere like it since.  It is made of bamboo (I think) and the teeth on the end are just like fingernails. It’s the closest thing you can get to someone actually scratching your back for you. “Someone” like your mom or a girlfriend, anyway. Someone with nails and who just wants to scratch your back. Not lead to other… well, you know. A-hem. Stuff.


As you can see, I have tape on the middle of the stick. I stepped on it. So since they don’t make them anymore, I rigged it up with some superglue and tape. Good. As. New. I just have to be gentle with it so I don’t break it. But it still gets the sweet spot on my back just right. I keep it in a very secure place beside my bed ready for use at a moments notice. And the best part is, I can scratch for as long as I want and not worry about the other person getting tired. Bliss!

3. Equate Strawberry Nutritional Shakes

Strawberry Shakes

These are equivalent to Ensure, but the generic version from Walmart. I love them. I keep them stocked as much as possible and cold in the fridge. They are great for a quick snack, or breakfast, especially on a busy day. Plus they are packed full of vitamins. I started drinking these when I was pregnant and had all the gallbladder issues because they are low in fat and wouldn’t overfill my tummy. I kept drinking them after E was born because nursing him makes me hungry all the time. And I don’t always have time to get myself a proper meal. Or at a decent time. With these I can just grab one and it buys me some time until I can make myself something to eat with a little more substance. We used to get vanilla flavored, too, but I found myself always drinking the strawberry ones first. So that’s all we buy now.


That’s all for this week. What are some of your favorite things?

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