What a week.

So right after I published that last post about what a great sleeper my child is, he of course up and decides to prove me wrong. It didn’t help that the reason behind this was because he had a fever. For five straight days. And congestion. Luckily, no snot. Just terrible sounds and snorting like crazy. So he slept lots during the days (when he wasn’t crawling and/or cruising…yep, he figured he’d throw those milestones into the mix this week, too) and didn’t want to go to sleep at night (because he wanted to stand and chew on the crib rail). Some nights we were up until 1 a.m. Oy.

And it was mainly just the two of us. My mom, thankfully, came to help for a couple of days. Because I needed it. This was the one weekend where Marcus worked 96 hours in the span of 5 days. In other words, he was gone for 48 hours straight, then home for 24 hours, then back at work for another 48 hour stretch. So he got temperature updates via text or phone call and video texts of our little crawler/crib-rail chewer all weekend. Needless to say, I’m tired. And it doesn’t help that my MS is deciding this week, of all weeks, to mess with my body. I hate this disease. And it’s making me tired. I hate that it makes me so tired. And numb on one side. Literally.

Anyway, Eli’s fever broke on Wednesday, but his sleep schedule is still all wonky. So is mine. I slept for a couple of hours today while M took care of the offspring. Who of course took a two hour nap at the same time. The little turkey. But that’s okay. Marcus was able to get some other stuff done that needed tending to. And I got to rest. So did E. Hubby’s at Poker Night right now. As for me, I think I’m just gonna go to bed. It’s been a long week.


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