Friday Favorites!

(New picture. Do you get the reference. 3 guesses. Think music, abbey, Maria.)

Today’s favorites are nothing spectacular, but I sure enjoy them.

Lee Stretch Jeans with comfort waist band. I don’t care what you say, they are NOT mom jeans and they are definitely comfy. They hug in all the right places and the waistband actually fits. (read: doesn’t stick out in the back when bending over.) These are by far, my favorite jeans. Ever. I wear them far too much. I got them at Kohl’s.

Bonus: They have really cute back pockets, perfectly sized front pockets (not too deep or shallow), and Marcus loves the way they make my butt look. What girl wouldn’t love that? I think I’ll go buy 20 more.

Bare Minerals Foundation Powder and Bare Vitamins Skin Rev-er Upper face lotion. Products by Bare Escentuals.

I love make-up. And anything to do with making your face pretty. Can you tell? Make-up products are in all of my “favorite” posts thus far. I have used this foundation and lotion for years. Ever since I sat and got a facial/sales pitch at Sephora (another favorite) one day years ago.  This powder provides GREAT coverage without all the mess of a liquid or need for extra concealer. Plus it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. Especially in the humid Gulf Coast weather. And it’s okay to fall asleep with it on.  Because it’s made with minerals. Or at least that’s what they say. Fact is, I’ve fallen asleep all made up and not a zit one popped up in the next few days.  The lotion is smooth, not oily or greasy. It dries quickly, so you can put the powder on right away. It also doesn’t smell bad or particularly flowery, like so many do. Both products definitely earn major thumbs up in my book.

This stuff is available just about everywhere. I think they even have their own boutique stores in malls now. So don’t ask me where to get it. And it’s not cheap. But it’s not super expensive either. It’s twice as much as anything you’ll get from a drug store, but like the amazing eye gel, it’s totally worth it.

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