Word of the Day


This describes my day yesterday. To a T. I never did one thing yesterday from start to finish at one time. Oh, yes, everything got done, just in a very scattered, haphazard kind of way. It made for an exhausting day. Here’s how it went…

Put on workout clothes, it’s Tae Bo time. Kid screaming. Feed. Change diaper. Entertain. Read a book. Put down for a nap. Walk in kitchen and see a sink full of dishes. I better do the dishes. Open dishwasher. Clean dishes need to be put away. Start with silverware. Oh yeah, I need to pay the mortgage. Go to computer. Check email. Check Facebook. Read blogs. Oh yeah, I need to register the new carseat, too. Wait, what was I doing? Oh yeah, mortgage. Before I pay the mortgage, let me check the bank account. Yep there’s money there. Wait, where’s my water? Baby screaming. Scoop him up. Feed him. Change diaper. Hey, the dishwasher is still open. Oh yeah, I was doing the dishes. I’m getting hungry. I should make lunch. Baby crying. Feed him. Let’s try this nap thing again. Where’s my water? Hey look, the dishwasher is still open. Oh yeah, I was doing the dishes. I should finish those. I need to eat, I’m really getting hungry. What’s fast? Oh look, hot dogs. Call Marcus at work while making my lunch at 1:30 in the afternoon. Say goodbye. Eat hot dogs. Still in workout clothes. I should change. Or workout. Kid screaming. Really? Again? Entertain. Check diaper. Put kid on floor in living room to play. Watch him play for about 20 minutes. Hey, he’s so cute, I should record this. Set up video camera. Record. 20 minutes later. Uh oh, I think he’s tired. Of course he’s tired, he hasn’t had a decent nap today. Yep. Kid screaming. Let’s try this again. Kid down for a nap. More fussing. Leave him alone. Okay, he settled down. Where’s my water? Oh yeah! I was doing the dishes. The dishwasher is still open. Man, it’s cold in here. Probably cuz I’m still in workout clothes. I should change. Or workout. I think I’ll just take a shower. Kid screaming as I’m getting into shower. He’s fine. He can wait. Get cleaned up. Dressed. Go get kid. Nurse. Play. Hey, the dishwasher’s still open. Oh yeah, I was doing dishes. Start unloading the dishwasher. Oh yeah, I need to pay the mortgage. Go to office. Get mortgage paid. I’ve accomplished something for the day. Check email. Check Facebook. I’m getting hungry. I should think about dinner. Go to kitchen. Oh yeah, I was doing the dishes. Finish putting the dishes away. Open fridge. Chicken that thawed in the fridge has now leaked chicken juice. Ewww! Empty shelves. Clean fridge. Guess I’ll make chicken. Something fast. Shake and Bake. Kid screaming. Turn on oven. Kid screaming. Get chicken on a pan. I’m coming! Just a minute. Chicken into the oven. Timer set. Maybe a bath will calm him down. Start bath water. Give kid a bath. Make Alfalfa spike out of his shampoo’d hair. Too cute! Take picture with phone and send it to husband, grandma and a friend. Get out of bath. Beep, Beep, Beep. Chicken’s done. Turn oven off. Let chicken set. Get kid into night clothes. Nurse. Read stories. Put down for bed. Fussy. Quiet. Ahhh. He’s asleep. Finally. Go throw a potato in the microwave. Get chicken out of the oven. Nope, not too dry, thankfully. Broccoli in microwave. Fix dinner plate. Eat. Kid crying. Dishes into sink. Scoop him up. Settle him down. Back to bed. I should get those dishes into the dishwasher. Clean kitchen. Sit on couch.

What a day. It makes me tired just reading that.

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3 Responses to Word of the Day

  1. Jennie Madsen says:

    OMG I am laughing – I LOVE This post.

  2. Warren Selby says:

    lol…Claire will love this when she reads it!

  3. finneyfer says:

    Glad you could all get a laugh at my expense. 🙂

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