What a Big Boy…

So we took the plunge and bought E a new Big Boy car seat. You know, the convertible kind that goes from rear-facing for infants to forward-facing for toddlers up to 70 lbs. or some ridiculous weight.  It was his Christmas gift from MiMi and Paps.

I love it because the straps don’t twist and they never have to be re-threaded. You simply pull the head rest up and it adjusts the straps.  Plus, it’s got steel construction. It’s not going to bend or crack in a crash.  As soon as Marcus saw that, he was not going to even look at the others.

Funny story. While we were looking at the car seats, there was a mom and her daughter at the end of the aisle parked on the floor. The little girl, probably about 2 or 3, was sitting in a pink and brown Graco convertible seat.  Mom was busy adjusting straps and checking it out all while the tot was lounging. Funny thing was, she kept telling us about how the one we were looking at had the highest safety ratings, was the best car seat. When we loaded up our cart, she took her daughter over to them and said, which one of these do you like. That child was having none of the ugly brown/black/gray/steel blue carseats on display. Oh no, as soon as mommy put her down on the floor, she ran back to the pink one and parked her little booty in that seat. I don’t know what she ended up buying, but my bet is she went with the pink one, even though, what I think she wanted was a Britax.  Moral of the story for me: never let my kid pick his own seat. He’ll get the most inconvenient one every time. When it comes to safety, mommy always wins.

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